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(04-29-2014 03:31 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Of course Chaos would have the original artist reference for Martel.

But its just buttons in her coat that happen to be lined up that way.

Yes, it was a complete accident, surely.
My friends and I were talking about uploading your human conscious to a machine or robot so you can exist after a bodily death. And of course, I've never hid my opinion that such a transfer would be moot since most procedures would essentially just be copying your consciousness (Unless it had the original organic brain somehow, but that's getting into the sci-fi area), and if I were to do so, it would only be a representation of my that was uploaded/walking around out there, and that from my personal point of view, I would still be dead. So I wouldn't see the point of doing such a thing since it wouldn't really extend my life from my POV.

But, I had an idea while talking the other day. Basically, if I cam back as a ghost, it would be awkward because you'd have ghost-me and robot-me in existence, essentially two of me (minus the divergent path where robot-me was uploaded and ghost-me died). But, if ghost-me needed to possess an avatar in order to communicate or just live in the real-world, robot-me would be the prefect candidate. (If ghosts could possess robots or the hardware or whatever.) People would assume I'm me anyways because it's robot me, and the consciouses match up so well because same-person.

I guess there would be the dilemma of whether or not robot-me would want to be it's own independent me separate from ghost-me, or if the possession could seamlessly integrate the two consciouses together well to be one person, or if robot-me, just being a program, could just be overridden or put to sleep or whatever.

But yeah, I might change my mind on not uploading myself to a robot or whatever because if I become a ghost, I'd need a real-world avatar to possess to make things easier. Then-again, I'd be putting robot-me through philosophical grief about human-me no longer being alive, and him being just a copy, and believing while an organic afterlife may be possible against all odds, there's almost no chance for a robot one. It would be rough for him.

I feel like I'd have this kind of thing figured out if I had more life experience. Maybe I need to travel more.
Yeah, this definitely sounds like something you need to go to Japan for.

On an unrelated but completely disgusting note...I thought my jaw and gums were just swollen due to my wisdom tooth coming in has been killing me.for.weeks....then tonight...that swollen area erupted, filling my mouth with yellow pus.....I spit it out and was also able to push more of the infection out was vile...
Fresco: That assumes that ghosts can possess items instead of just people, or that they can affect anything at all. Can you imagine...robot-me insisting it's possessed, but all of the "possessed" actions/statements are just what it would normally say? I mean, allegedly possessed are said to behave very differently...but in this case robot-me would be insisting that the totally me-like behaviors weren't robot-me at all.
"You bought it."
"I must be possessed! I didn't buy it!"
"Oh, you don't want it?"
"Huh? No, I totally do. I wasn't me buying it. It's just something like me but not me making me-like decisions for myself."

Ulf: That's the shit I have nightmares about, I kid you not. You need to get that checked.
Fresco: One thing I always bring up in regards to that is Dixie Flatline from Neuromancer. He was an elite hacker who had his mind uploaded to a rom construct. He could not learn or grow and would be constantly forgetting things like he had dementia.

As lovely as it would be to be one with cyberspace, I would rather be six feet under
Okay, someone mind changing the posting credentials for this site? I keep trying to post the second chapter and it keeps getting glued to my first post, I'd like to be able to separate my chapters without a wall of text or at least can I get a time frame for double posts?
It's funny how I keep comin across older members of here or the other site on FA. Even funnier because they weren't furries really when I knew them, and now they are.
(04-29-2014 11:30 PM)Blubberbutt Wrote: [ -> ]It's funny how I keep comin across older members of here or the other site on FA. Even funnier because they weren't furries really when I knew them, and now they are.

I have a close friend that I went to high school with who was dating this kind of cute chubby goth girl. After he dumped her, she turned furry. I've always joked that the girls who I court end up finding the love of their lives after they're over and done with me, but Tony just flat out turns girls furry

Also, made myself a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stand
[Image: lesrocketlepus_zpsd8a187eb.png]
His name is "Les Rocket Lepus". He's a ninja who hurls kinetically charged kunai throwing daggers with near deadly precision and has lighting fast reflexes
So, the double post window is like an hour....EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Good thing I don't want to post more of the story today.
Pepper: Eh....I should get it checked, yes, but I can't afford it right now. And an ER visit won't do it because it is clasified as a dental problem, so they would just bill me and send me home with a script for painkillers that I also can't afford. On the bright side the swelling has completely gone down and I have next to no pain. I also rinsed with Hydrogen Peroxide after I pushed all the infection out of the abcess.

Neo: He looks like he has tits...not pecs, tits...

Aer: Hi!
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