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*looks around* Yo
Heyo, Wolf :3
Ohey, its wolf and skip.

Tis the season to smash the radio.
Well, can't say I'm particularly surprised at the aftermath of the Michael Brown case....
[Image: 2wQSem7.png]
Though I certainly do sympathize with those who wanted the police officer to go to jail, but this really wasn't the answer
Isn't it great? The government does something utterly retarded, people protest- and then proceed to destroy each other's stuff instead of keeping their efforts focused against the government offices that are to be held responsible.

Most likely the places being targeted are places where people were vocal in favor of the court's decision, or have a racist history. Note that the media isn't trying to find that out before showing pictures of a burned out shell.

Unfortunately, because people don't respect each other while disagreeing and aren't staying focused on the problem at hand, the situation degrades to mob rule and the government is now fully justified in the use of military force to keep the peace.
Well here we are again. The one day a year when it is socially acceptable to eat till you burst on turkey and all the trimmings.
Found a working Sega Dreamcast for $4.00 on ebay. Provided nobody bids on it come time tomorrow, that'll be a nice score. All I need now is a stack of CD-Rs and VMU and I'll be all set
Ehhh, decided to pass on it. The $40+ dollars of the Dreamcast, CD-Rs, and VMU (ebay+Amazon) just wasn't worth it to me. Spent a $20 on some Steam games instead which probably get just as much as enjoyment out of

-X-Com Complete Pack
-Tex Murphy Complete Pack
-Fallout 2
Who uses radio? I have a phone with almost 20 hours of music, I'm set for a long blustery night at work.
Well my thanksgiving was a success. Two rounds of eating and a whole coconut cream pie to myself. Fuck yeah.
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