Full Version: Spam Thread
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(04-03-2015 12:03 PM)Marechal des logis Daedalus Wrote: [ -> ]I love her face Chaos.
She looks like she's going to vomit. o~o
She is nauseous with disgust for the viewer.
I am high as hell ^.^
but isnt hell ~low~
(04-04-2015 07:23 AM)Ashi Wrote: [ -> ]but isnt hell ~low~
get out
Not if you are looking up at it.
(04-04-2015 07:23 AM)Ashi Wrote: [ -> ]but isnt hell ~low~

Not in Australia.
That is the greatest thing ever XD

Though I think I am the indescriminate ¬.¬
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