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Happy birthday, Shippo.
(04-17-2017 12:16 PM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]I don't like discord, but I am glad to see discord slowly but surely eating skype after Microsoft destroyed everything Skype had going for it.
Skype's main problem is that, like iTunes, it's total bloat-ware. The only reason I still kept using it is because of Loki, both of us were still pretty loyal Windows Live Messenger users up until Microsoft had the brilliant notion to discontinue the latter and merge the two userbases into some bastard amalgamation

But I digress..... Dodgy

Corporations do need to stay on the up and up in terms of relevancy, it's true, but I think it would greatly behoove them to take a step back and look at the broader picture; the microcosm if you will. They need to understand what made software like Windows Live Messenger so beloved and try and use that as a metaphorical measuring stick to try and improve Skype, not the other way around

If you'll pardon the hippie-BS, chaos doesn't always have to beget chaos. Order can come from chaos and so too, can come beauty from disorder and dysfunction
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Ayyy guess who's alive and barely functioning as an adult? This girl. Sup?
Do dogs think in barks?
Better question: do they bark in different languages?
Better, better question; Do dogs?
Touché, Madame
So how have you been, good looking?
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