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I've been better, yet things could be worse, I guess. Mostly working. My mom passed away in March, so that's something I've been dealing with. Home life is still good tho. How've you been, cutie?
I'm sorry to hear that. I'd glad you're holding up well.

I've been decent. Still working my dead-end job, and realized I've been more lonelier than usual, so here I am.
Well glad to have you back, sweets, even if it's cause you're feeling lonelier than usual
Good to be back, uhm...pumpkin
Missed ya, Lizzy :3
Well, at least someone did.

Good to see you again, Skipper.
so how about that Trump investigation huh
Is that still a thing? The biggest news to me is the new Taco Bell that opened.

Anyone have any suggestions?
All signs point to a temporal incursion at some point between March of 1996 and March of 1997 that caused multiple parallel universes to split from that point and continue to today.

Unfortunately we live in one of the not so good ones where awful things happening are soon to outnumber the good happenings.
I'm still annoyed Taco Bell didn't make the naked chicken chalupa last longer
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