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That it would, my dude. But I live in the middle of the woods so it's pretty easy lol.
Petition to get all the Southerners of CC together to smoke and eat good food.
Ammend that to "lots of good food" and I will sign that .
Amendment is acknowledged and accepted. I'll do the cooking :3
Dem beans and corn bread and mashed 'taters.
Can I make fried chicken!? Big Grin
Hell yeah you can make some fuckin fried chicken!
Got tickled by a new idea for a story

Bat Atlas
A vampire halfling who's unquenchable thirst for blood knows no boundaries. When he sinks his teeth into his prey, he gets one of a multitude of super powers that last for 24 hours
So... basically a vampiric Kirby?
(04-22-2015 12:25 AM)Marechal des logis Daedalus Wrote: [ -> ]So... basically a vampiric Kirby?

Sort of? Here, I expanded on Atlas' backstory a little more

Former science fiction hero Branton Goddard (alias Bat Atlas) has been de-evolving due to complications with his bat serum that accidently gave his powers thirty years prior and has become something less than human. His former sidekicks, The Cub Commandos (Boy Scouts with enhanced reflexes via serums of a lion, puma, jaguar, cougar, and panther) have already succumed to their own demons years ago and are dead because of it. Atlas still continues to survive by attacking random strangers and sucking their blood, giving him his powers back for a brief 24 hours, though in a diminished state and randomized
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