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Well, PAX was a weaponized pick me up. Needed that after the past two weeks in the industry.
What industry was it?

If I keep installing pipes like this I'll have some decent muscle tone going again.

So much steel pipe. Such high ceilings...
(09-03-2014 03:59 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]What industry was it?

Video games.
Been gone for six days and the Spam thread has only moved a couple of pages ahead?

Also been quite fortunate to find a lot of comics that I've been wanting at the "four for a dollar" bins at the Flea Market
Hey, I have been busy corrupting the youth for future spamaliciousness postings.
Chocolate Chip cookies, Mountain Dew, and old Turok, Son Of Stone comics; what a lovely way to spend an evening~
So after much thought, here's a thing that I'm hopefully going to be driven towards working on
If I didn't have girl problems I wouldn't have shit. Women are the single cause of every problem in my life but I can't stay away. Women are my fucking herion.
1¢ = $0.01 = ($0.1)^2 = (10¢)^2 = 100¢ = $1
I was really drunk when I last posted I think.
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