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Well my DM is thankfully very lenient. If you can justify it by backstory or something, then you can get certain things. Like, despite being human, I don't have to worry about being poisoned by Drow mushroom wine. Which if you read my story then you would know why Tongue
Well that's good; in my case, it was a fatty DnD game, so I had a 700lb half orc barbarian woman who was the champion of a deity swinging around a holy axe and could smash a skeleton dragon in half...which was what happened when I landed full crits on the bugger after divebombing it with magic boots XD
......That ain't even a whyboner...That is sexy as fuck.
That is awesome! XD
Thanks; a bit bummed that the game ended, but it certainly was fun
If Infinity Chan is right, the yen has tanked and another age of anime and weeb games is upon us.

Also, when'd Disney start popping out Ducktales and Gooftrop dvds?

Looks weird without the crazy proportions and outfits, doesn't it?
Its always fun in a game when players who are friends have characters that hate eachother XD

I almost killed a friend of mines character after he kept badgering me. Him being a very perceptive lawful good halforc monk, and me being the Lawful Evil swashbuckler/warlock....He did not know I had come into warlock powers untill I very gently laid my hand on his shoulder to speak to him and said "Tag, you're it" and hit him with a Hideous Blow/Mortalbane/Eldritchblast Critical hit for 20 damage. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Reminds me of back when I was playing world of warcraft.

Had a level 20 shaman and was chilling with some IRL friends who also played it while waiting for battlegrounds, and decided it'd be funny to have a level 60 rogue duel my shammy.

Well, he did the usual stealth and try to get behind me thing, and suddenly WAR STOMP. Stunned him, knocked him out of stealth, and I proceeded to blast him with earth fire and ice elemental magic before he could recover.

He was like wtf, having been totally unaware that I could stun him like that.
While I felt it was my patriotic duty to watch The Interview.....I did not particularly enjoyit...
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