Full Version: Spam Thread
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Hey is there a way to run searches on chan boards?

I ask because there's times where I'll randomly get a ton of faves/watches on DA/FA and I can only assume I was linked on one of them, but of the ones I know, I never see anything.
To make up for last night's light beer disaster I have a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. I WILL get drunk dammit.
Sure been busy lately.
Interview at the game store went well, the guy who interviewed me was apparently the founder of the company (the store is a mom & pop chain throughout the southern US). Very nice, seemed to like what I had on my resume. Hope to hear back from him and if not, because there were tons of people there today applying for the same position, I know that I gave it my best shot
Everyone but Odin and then eventually Odin, guess where I am.
New Jersey?
Sooooo hiiigh.
Speaking of high Ulfric, it seems the spambots have decided to try their luck.

Already working on cleanup, but feel free to delete their threads and ban the offending usernames.

Fortunately the anti-spam measures appear to be working, and none of these posts are actually visible other than to people with moderator access.
I'm in Japan.
Sorry I was late to the party Odin. I have been busy all damn day and most of the night.

How is Japan Fresco?
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