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So when is Loup returning to join the furry hivemind?
He got while the gettin was good, he was smart.

I'm too far gone.
I am almost certain he is still a furry, but a furry in another, more distant land. Although once I linked him to this video, and immediately after watching it, in cringing shock, he said "I RENOUNCE MY ASSOCIATION WITH THAT COMMUNITY. I WAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE A FURRY."

This almost raises my confidence that I can bring people out of something, if I throw them enough of the worst and most graphic examples, almost.
A bag of weed a bag of weed everything's better with a bag of weed!

Happy 420 everybody! Bong loads and blunts for all!

Also not enough fat in that video Daed
(04-21-2015 03:39 AM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote: [ -> ]Also not enough fat in that video Daed

True, but then that is true of many things, or maybe I would rather not see our interests here so stupefyingly worthy of cringing.

I imagine some of those herbal jazz cigarettes would help get through that video.

Happy 420, Wolf and Shroom. Enjoy:

[Image: 142955387617.jpg]
(04-20-2015 11:17 PM)kawaiiChiimera Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-20-2015 11:13 PM)Lizzy Wrote: [ -> ]Ulf gets so baked sometimes, I think he may be part potato.

mmm ulfric stew

[Image: 6vtnuwa.jpg]

Only 420...

[Image: eZeOOCO.png]
Thank you Daed....that greatly improved my already good mood.
If there was one person I would smoke with, it would be you Wolf, preferably outside. I dislike the smell.
Dude if we ever got the chance I would definitely smoke with you. I'd even let you pick the blunt wrap flavor.
Well we are not too far apart, Southern states and all. It seems as though you have so much beneficial experience. Would smoking in the woods be alright?
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