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Ah damnit, I never did buy wine for thanksgiving.

Gotta remember to do that before Christmas.

Then Kayana and I will get plastered new years eve finishing the bottle. Despite her size she's a total lightweight, but so am I.
Eh, that probably will be tomorrow after work since it'll be the start of my 3 day weekend.
Watching the price of a sack of gems on Steam rise and fall is the best kind of porn. Hoping to see my $1 something investment grow, don't so much care about bidding on games. That's more of a money hole than what I'm doing is
I have a pretty sweet pokemon team put together. Anyone here up for battling?
Sure, I'm game for that Fresco. PM me your friend code, and your skype if you wanna chat during it.
So close. Was up all night last night coding in assembly to make this coil driver board work correctly.

Finally got the program to load successfully into the CPU on the thing.

And of course it doesn't work. Back to the development environment.
I'm a firefighter now ^.^
(12-17-2014 12:32 PM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a firefighter now ^.^

Hopefully you watched the volunteer firefighter episode of King Of The Hill and learned NOT how to do your job
Don't leave the old guy next to a short circuiting neon sign. Gotcha XD
And I just went on my first call. It was actually a first responder EMS call, and they had me do the paperwork. So it was a good first time situation for me to start on to get the feel of things.
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