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I dunno. Seems legit to me.

Once you've been with a girl you can't help but try to have a girl around as much as possible, even though you'll get yourself into all kinds of problems in the process.
What kind of girls you guys hanging around with?
It took me this long to break the cycle and realize I was going after women just like my dear departed insane mother and I was too infatuated with these women to think rationally and see what kind of problems and drama it would cause in the future, and when I do finally see it, and I leave them, I leave broken hearts and even more drama because I was short sighted with rose colored glasses. Recently I have made an attempt to break this cycle. It has been hard, but hopefully will work out.
I wish you good luck there, Ulf.

Also, pardon my absence.
LIZZY! *glomp*
Ow. Hey, Ulf.

What did I miss?
EVERYTHING! ....though not much.
Hey peoples :3
Holy shit, a Skip too! *doubleglomp*
Ack! *falls* XD
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