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(05-01-2018 02:32 AM)neo_ozon Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-05-2018 02:55 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, it still exists. 7 years and counting, will be 8 years this december.
[Image: twilight-zone-1959___there_was_time_now.jpg]
Seriously, where the fuck has all that time gone?
Down the shitter like everything else.

(05-01-2018 02:32 AM)neo_ozon Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-05-2018 02:55 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Sadly fewer people use forums in general, with social networks absorbing all of the traffic that used to come to places like this
I think more people are inclined to use places like reddit and 4chan

Would it kill them to work on their servers; we don't need anymore of that filth hanging out on 8Chan while 4Chan is down. You forgot Discord.
Discord, like Reddit, just reminds me of Usenet or an old BBS site insomuch that It's horribly archaic to look at

4chan was no prized pig either and took some time to get used to it. But I like the layout to the site, it's very minimalistic, kind of like a forum
Wow, there's actually been spambots posting on here again. Fortunately the antispam measures I implemented years ago still hold fast and none of that spam is ever visible to non-moderators.
Suck it spam

Also I really need to get back onto IRC eventually. I;ve been putting it off the past few years
Anybody still kicking here?
I'm always here. Maybe the last, but I'll be here until this is long forgotten and the server bill finally stops getting paid.
I guess people come here to experience nostalgia at this point. I watched this documentary on Bulletin Board Systems where one man said he was explaining it to others as "Yeah it's like having a regular conversation, except you wait a few months for a reply."

Don't forget about the Female Expansion Thread. I'll be trying to remember to post every time Chaos hands me notes in IRC to give people a reason to be here other than that surreal anachronistic feeling of browsing a GeoCities page.
Good news everyone! Tumblr just shot themselves in the foot and decided to ban any and all adult content.

This might mean a resurgence in forums, but I'm pretty sure most people are just gonna go to twitter now, but that site isn't fairing much better.

Hopefully with this and all the other crap like Facebooks fuckups and all, Web 2.0/Social media sites will finally die.
Chaos gets us most of the fat girl art from Twitter anyway.
[Image: 1543904798841.png]

I wish to be the little boy.
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