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(10:44:06 PM) Vran: &time
(10:44:09 PM) Martel: niggers steal and murder everyone who played seriously at all for fat belly womans, then one night a year I could put the drive settings and plugged a ViewSonic from 1999 in the water here is the nature of the recent ones
(10:44:22 PM) Entia: thats the time
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Above post is showing where Furries come from.
[Apr-21 18:49] <Chaos> Take a knee, the loli has a pep talk ready
(07:18:05 PM) Daed: Can that even be called a sword? it has no edge
(07:18:15 PM) Daed: It's like a big metal club.
(07:18:31 PM) Chaos: Sheathed.
(07:18:58 PM) Daed: Oh, odd that she doesn't wear the sheath.
(07:20:09 PM) Entia: >not levitating the sword unsheathed 3 inches away from her back
(07:20:11 PM) Entia: fucking casual
(07:20:13 PM) Marisa: fucking casual? More like cucking fasual, am I correct?
(07:20:21 PM) Entia: LOL
And now for something wholesome:

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(04:58:26 PM) IBM_DaedPad: How about
(04:58:41 PM) IBM_DaedPad: If we built a Neopets theme park
(04:58:45 PM) Martel: What theme park
(04:58:48 PM) ***Marisa . o O (pat theme Whark)
(04:58:58 PM) IBM_DaedPad: Thanks bots
(04:59:01 PM) Marisa: np
Really understanding why the ancient greeks regarded "May you live in interesting times" as a curse.
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