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Oh hey dude, I have returned! Well, I never left, I just been putting this place on the backburner.

What did I miss?

I wouldn't know, but I am the only person responding.

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(07-06-2014 10:48 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote: [ -> ]Oh hey dude, I have returned! Well, I never left, I just been putting this place on the backburner.

What did I miss?

Missed a whole lotta nothin.
I'm still around.
...And I wonder why I keep forgetting to come here.
I know right?!
Its something of a paradox, and I've seen this all too often.

Sorry guys. Technically speaking I can make it work, but I still do not know the secret to making it come alive.

What I do know is that the more people come here, the more people are likely to come here. And we've long been well below a stable rate of people visiting.

I have been trying to repost some content threads though. They do help at least.
Intimate affairs can have their charm...
(07-06-2014 09:39 AM)Blubberbutt Wrote: [ -> ]In silly drama news, I came across Korota's tumblr, and not surprised that he's a SJW

Most men who are SJWs are just using it as a ploy so girls will notice and give them sex. And those who deny it are usually lying
Some of those men are legitimately invested, but yes, the majority is typical pant-entering tactics. For the ones who do truly care, it is for the same reason anyone becomes a "social justice warrior". Something upset them, or someone insulted them, and instead of dealing with their trivial outrage like the rest of us adults have learned how to do, they feel the need to begin a crusade against all offenses of that sort. The "social media" sites now make them feel more comfortable embarking upon such an epic crusade, and help them feel empowered and good about themselves.

In other words, not wanting to grow up, so I think a good slang term to describe "SJW" would be to call them Toy-R-Us kids.

Also I would not be bothered at all if FaceBook and a good portion of YouTube just suddenly imploded. I still might want Tumblr those for all those neat little artist pages.

Speaking of Toys-R-Us kids, there is a quality documentary on National Geographic right now called "The 90s: The Last Great Decade".

It avoids all the typical irrelevant celebrities-who-think-they-are-funny interviews about the topics like on VH1, and also puts the pop-culture trends and dramatic events into perspective, observing how these changed people etcetera.
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