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(05-03-2014 09:39 PM)neo_ozon Wrote: [ -> ]God I just want to give Tomoko from Watamote a friggin' hug. Poor girl ;_;

I wanna make her and Mirai suffer more.
Visually speaking though, Tomoko is what I mentally imagine Teth looks like
[Image: image]
So this happened on Tumblr today

Hey guys, remember when I did this 2 years ago?

Well it happened again. Although way shorter and a lot less funny.

Seriously, imagine this thing with an external Hard Drive and a external CD/DVD reader/writer
(05-04-2014 10:03 AM)Blubberbutt Wrote: [ -> ]So this happened on Tumblr today

I have had similar happen to me and I think I figured out the issue: the person doesn't have a strong ability to make new category "compartments" in his/her head, so s/he just lumps you with the nearest thing they already have. For example, I can't tell you how many times I have been called "G.I. Jane" by people. It doesn't matter that it was a movie and this is real life, or that she was in the Navy and I was in the Marines. It doesn't matter that I had an entire experience completely separate of that movie. Nope, all they have room for in their small mind is "female military" and G.I. Jane was there first so that's all I am, too.

In this case, you nailed it: gem-based something. Apparently, there is only one gem-based anything allowed in this person's head amd anything gem-based gets thrown into that box.

I actually feel bad for these people. I can't imagine living life where I just slam people, characters, shows, movies, food, drinks, etc. into some generic box, allowing for no nuance at all. It just seems so lame a way to exist. I mean, we group like things...that is just how our brains work...but there is a huge difference between recognizing what a gem is and claiming you copied a series becauae gems are in common.

(05-03-2014 02:19 PM)R. Fresco Wrote: [ -> ]Oh hey, the newest lurker bot who made an account has the same first initial and last name of a former boss of mine. That's a little awkward.
It isn't a bot.
I tplx your former boss to come here to watch you.
Seems like a slow day wherever I go today.

Must be the weather.
(05-07-2014 07:19 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Seems like a slow day wherever I go today.

Somewhere a blue hedgehog running at mach speed is mocking us all
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