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Happy for you Wolf!

I've been going out fairly often as of late. Spent the last few weekends dragging myself home at 5 am in a drunken stupor. But things are looking alright for the foreseeable future.

Oh and my parents' divorce was finalized today. 25 years down the drain. Ain't love grand.
Sounds like fun, Skip XD

Well except the divorce thing, but it happens :/
Not really all that torn up about it now. Just a little weird at the moment. I'm having to play middle-man to them because they get irritated with each other so quickly lol
Not all that different for me, 25 years and it ended anyway over money.

Only it didn't take long for me to get stuck defending one side. It finally did get settled at least, and I intend to stay true to what I said to my dad when he told me he was going to do it.
So my extremely drunk British girlfriend told me she wanted to marry me and passed out.... Fucking lol.
Apparently there are two blood moons this year.
Ever had two muscle cramps within minutes of each other in the same spot?
Finally warm outside, relatively speaking

Above freezing at least, compared to the 0F and -5F we've had this winter.
I got a job at Pizza Hut! 8D
(03-10-2015 07:46 AM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote: [ -> ]I got a job at Pizza Hut! 8D

Better than not having one at all!
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