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Hay y'all
Hi skip.

Last weekend was like gloomy, but monday is like flying past as I pop out repair after repair.

The highlight so far was figuring out why one of the forklifts wasn't running right. Hard to believe sometimes how a tiny little switch on top of the motor can make the whole thing run absolutely awful.
Hello all Big Grin
(10-25-2014 09:13 AM)Nexis Wrote: [ -> ]8....8 player Smash....8 player Smash....
(10-25-2014 11:22 AM)Fluffles Wrote: [ -> ]Oh lawdy all dat smash!

I'm excited for two things right now, Bloodbourne and The Tomorrow Children

Sunset Overdrive and KI had kind of been swaying me into purchasing a Xbone tbh though
(10-28-2014 10:06 AM)atlas21 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello all Big Grin

Hi there.

New posts have to be moderator approved before they appear, this can take a little while since people aren't in the habit of checking.
Holy crap, new person?!?!?! The world is ending! Women and children save first! Its the end of days!
Too many pipes.

All this ceiling-installed piping at work is tiring me out a lot more than my work usually does.

Though considering how much of it I've installed in the past 3 months...

And this is only the compressed air and fuel gas pipes. I still have to look at the water piping.
I guess I am new lol but I was here before but lost my account info
Ah. A few months ago we had a server issue that made it necessary to re-start the forum from scratch.

Now that you've made a couple of posts approval isn't necessary anymore.
Yay glad to here that hopefully I can comeback here and make some meaningful posts Big Grin
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