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I'd much rather use Windows, but trying to put it an iso of it on a flash drive so that I can boot install is a pain in the ass
I don't know any resources for people who are questioning about their gender, or being genderfluid, etc. But I have a few trans and genderqueer friends I could ask if anyone isn't finding anything helpful.
I found something for the furries(or rather fishies) without even looking.

[Image: 14815842278.png]
I find anthro shark girls less disturbing than anthro planes
[Image: d265c13d862eb5df79d03ed4f8bee6e1.jpg]
Those giant beach balls though.
It's 41 degrees outside and it's been raining outside all afternoon. If it gets any colder, the south might actually see snow
[Image: jVJjC5T.jpg]
They've figured out how to escape the confinement of tumblr and appear in the real world.

Oh well. This person was lucky, others rediscovered why such things were driven to the remote corners of the internet in the first place.
I have a masters now
First in 2017? Maybe maybe?

Considering nobody else has posted in a couple days, I'm pretty sure I got this for sure.
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