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(01-26-2016 04:58 AM)kawaiiChiimera Wrote: [ -> ]Why not peanut butter, chocolate spread AND jelly?

I was thinking of typing up an idea sort of thing I had involving this but I couldn't figure out how to type it so I gave up and forgot. But yes, that sounds good.
And trailer:

Their faces look weird.
[Image: 1454038932080-0.jpg]
[Image: 1454038932083-1.jpg]
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Also she's not pregnant
Good news then. Gotta love that, the girl is freaking out cause her period is late and its all your fault.

Then just when you rehash the situation a bunch of times and start making plans to deal with it, "Oh hey I'm not pregnant"

Doesn't really change, even when married.
Daed what's that comic from?
Here you go Monsieur Fresca:
Oh god why 8chan
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