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holy shit that image is huge
Suddenly people wow.

I like this.
Instant forum life, just add social networking.

Social networking... which is essentially corporate jargon for aggressively making friends in a modern, technological context and possibly inviting them to do things for the benefit of furthering an agenda of some sort.

Gentlemen, I think I may be high on Citronella vapors. can get high on citrunella?

I suddenly need some candles...
You didn't know that?

Buy the oil, sold by the gallon for patio torches.

Surround yourself in these torches and breathe deep.

Not only will you be mosquito free, but you'll feel really good.
I had some stored in my closet for painting. The plastic was brittle from age, so when the container fell to the floor, it shattered and left me breathing in the evaporating liquid for hours.
Dude. I just woke up to two of my friends standing at the foot of my bed with a joint poking my feet saying wwakenbake over and over o.O
Guys, guys, there's this pirate, and he's about to chug a bottle of rum in one chug but first says "#YOHO!"


I wish I was dead.
*glomps Lizzy and gives her a spliff* this will help ^.^
[Image: Kill%2Bla%2BKill-%2Basdfghjkl.png]

All of you getting high and drunk...f-fucking degenerates, the lot of you!

And Lizzy, cheering up, your fucking Canadian for God's sake!
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