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Cold reality, the professor probably got fired for that. Because how dare you bully a student even when they walk right into it
It was the casual "I was right after all" part for me. Provided any of that story is true(as surely everything on the internet must be), this is simply not how a functionally sane person would react to sudden death, especially a suicide.

In my own experience attending college and listening to others, professors can be some very neurotic people who take out frustration on their students. The first "proofread" version of an essay my English instructor in college returned was worded like something off 4chan /b/. That made me wonder just why exactly I was even paying tuition.
Howdy hey, y'all
We should probably get a Discord.
It's hip!
I could set one up if you all wanted.
Yuck, discord is gross.

IRC and here does everything I need anyway.

The last thing i need is another skype replacement.
hey guys is this a forum for perverts
I know right? Where did everyone go?
They probably moved to Discord lmao. Everyone I know has. It's much better than Skype atleast.
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