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Kinda odd to see some stuff I commissioned like that though lol
I thought one of those was yours! XD
Yup, 2 actually: (who is actually named Grazith) (and is named Kidiae)
ooooh gotcha.

As a side note, the girl I call my MiniMe, actually made a comic that I lol'd at. I'm getting suckered into the FNaF games and I have never even played it.
Skiiiiiip! Hi :3
Hey Wolfy :3
Hiiiiiii! I am drunk as fuuuuck. I have gone through 3/4 of a bottle of Blackheart Rum in the last few hours! Tis 93 proof goodness.
Sounds like a good time.
It was! And for a while now I have been talking to this chick from the UK and she is crazy awesome and she is going to spend a few weeks with me in November! She comes to the US fairly often and she is so cool and pretty, and sweet, and her voice drives me wild, we have been skyping and everything! And she wants to move here when she gets everything settled. That is just, oh my gods I have completely fallen hard for this girl and I have no idea why or how. And I have job applications out and they look promising this time! I might be making money again soon! and life is just fanfuckingtastic right now!
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