Full Version: Spam Thread
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Theistic Satanists.....are usually fucking crazy....a rare few are awesome as fuck...The rest are total loonies. Especially the Luciferians.
Bow to meeeeeeee

post 2/3

post 3/3

wait fuk
Hahaha Ashi activated my newbie trap!
Anti-bot mechanisms are annoying, but its funny when an actual person finds them.
Well here is my third post am I a god now

or was the revoked when I fell for your tarp

that* fuk

im too used to irc what is a forum
Once you get past the moderator approval nonsense its pretty straightforward to post.

Just the bot traps have to go off and be disarmed.
Who be the new guy? O.o
Ashi from the IRC. She's registered before I think, the forum keeps eating her account because she doesn't use it enough.
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