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Maybe not, but I can drink untill I either stop caring or pass out.
Why not dance around the house naked, singing?
I'm drunk from Bailey's mixed with chocolate milk, best plan ever
I haven't been drunk since Halloween. I must say my alcohol tolerance is improving, too.
Okay so now It's letting me in, ugh
I fell asleep 1/3 of the way through my second 40oz.....
Drinking absolutely solves everything how dare you
Depends on why you are drinking.

If you drink cause you're bored it'll solve that real quick.

Drink cause you're lonely, you might find yourself a friend.

Drink cause you're broke, you'll probably only make it worse.
What if it is all of the above, but someone else is buying the drinks? My friends know they can settle all debts with me by bringing me booze and tobacco.
27 hours awake so far. 12-13 left to go. Only have coffee to keep me through the night. On the bright side, I get paid tonight.
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