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Added you on Mabinogi by the way.
So....the girl I dated for three months and recently broke up with is pregnant.... With twins.....I'mma be a daddy again....fucking hell.....why am I so virile?! This is three times now my sperm has said" You know what? This is a girl that is not supposed to be able to have kids anyway, and I know you are using protection, but let's just stroll on in anyway and see what we can do."
Nature will always find a way.

That's why a 0.1% chance is too much for my liking. Cause if I don't even take that chance, any accidents can be labelled an act of god and effectively the second coming.
Yikes. Good luck with that, Ulf...are you so fertile you can get a girl pregnant just by looking at her?

I myself can never be a mom, unable to make babies. I'm good aunty material though.
And after further examination she is a lying manipulative bitch. My bad. Carry on. I had a nurse friend of mine examine some blurry ultrasound pics I was sent yesterday, and my friend looked at them and did the math. Either the whole pregnancy is a lie or they are not mine.
That's a bullet dodged. Two, actually.

You can tell by an ultrasound that the kids aren't Ulfs.

Because they wouldn't have beards.
Exactly. Both my son and daughter were born with a goatee and a handlebar mustache.
Is it true one had a pipe?
Unfortunately no. My son was actually born with a cigar, but I like to tell people it was a pipe.

And I have not been on Mabinogi lately. I have been busy trying to catch up on the new Asmodeus server on LoA. The name there is Grazzt if anyone is on it Tongue
(09-13-2014 12:50 AM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote: [ -> ]And after further examination she is a lying manipulative bitch.
Well, that's a relief dude
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