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Claws and fangs. Nuff said.
Yes it is....unless it's weed.
You just wish You had my long golden locks.
Anything by RA Salvador or the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser series.
Yeah pretty much.
Once you go black...
They both have their pros and cons.
And I highly doubt that.

I have a lot more patience than I used to lol
Needs more spamming i tup the spam thread.
I tup you too Odin.
(03-29-2015 10:24 AM)Ashi Wrote: [ -> ]
[Image: 1407867926003.jpg]

[Image: CMtUjGA.gif]

You're not doing it right if you're not bullying them, Ashi.
I bought a 40 and forgot I still had half of one in the fridge.....gonna be a good night.
Wolf, you ever noticed the band on the arm holding the blade, the holes closest to the hilt look like a face.
Yeah. I forget what magic item it is but there is a name for it. Something from Fiendish Codex most likely. It varies based on what edition you are looking him up in.
I like malt liquor. Which brand did you buy?
I have been drinking a lot of King Cobra lately. It's smoother than most other brands. But the half of one I have in the fridge is an Olde English HG800. When I can find them though I would rather grab a 6 pack of Mickey's.
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