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Hahaha. I totally expected to see this.

Fresca page king of page 100 yet again.
(12-01-2014 03:02 PM)R. Fresco Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-30-2014 03:07 PM)Nexis Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-30-2014 03:03 PM)R. Fresco Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-30-2014 12:50 AM)Nexis Wrote: [ -> ]I use Pandora at work, it really does help to pass the time.

And yes, that game really has been fun so far; what's your team at the moment Fresco? Mine's Marshtomp, Shroomish, Metang, Ninjask, Swablu, and Electrode.

Sceptile, Metagross, Latios, Manetric, Sharpedo, Liloon. Liloon and Sarpedo are awesome HM slaves.

Niice, and yeah they do make for good HM slaves.

I slapped surf on both of them. One for normal speed surf, and one for super speed surf. Also because I needed Surf to get Carvanah.

Reasonable; I've got to admit, I've been torn between getting Flygon or Altaria, but I did need more of a special attacker and since I already had a ground pokemon with my now Swampert, figured it'd be better for variety with Altaria.
Kind of become tickled by the idea of an alternated timeline where the Soviet Union won the Cold War and later colonized space, building a new nation upon the foundation of the Roman Empire's fundamentals and the CCCP's socialist ethics, breeding gladiatorial super soldiers in the process

Also sold two of my rare TF2 items on the marketplace and bought Divine Divinity with the profits
Well...guess I am being taken to a steak dinner tonight by some friends.....Thats nice of them. I am not a fan of them paying for me but they insisted ._.;
So after years of seething with anger over the people responsible for causing the economic crash getting away with it scot-free, I've had enough and become a neo-communist

I knew I was infatuated with Cold War era Soviet Union imagery for some reason....
I tend towards that way myself. Welcome, comrade.
Communism is kinda iffy though due to human nature. Of course Capitalism isn't exactly perfect either when it comes to that.

Although where communism went so wrong in all previous attempts at implementing it, in the coming decades with functional robotics appearing in the workplace it really does become more and more viable because working will literally not be needed.
I won't argue that. As a friend of mine once put it, "Communism works great on paper, but because it is so easy to exploit, it always fails in practice."
I can't believe I actually had to write this....

"Sorry, while I do not judge you based on your preferences, I can't seem to bring myself to draw characters that are so closely associated with diapers, babyfurs, and sonic characters. Again, I apologize and hope you find someone who is willing and able.

Best regards,
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