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(02-24-2015 01:45 PM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote: [ -> ]Drank a bottle of cough syrup about an hour ago.....Odin, the shade of green for the forum in the skin I am using to view it is lovely.

Is there anything you don't get fucked up on? Tongue
Crack and Meth Meth and herion....hard shit like that....that's about it. Otherwise I will try most things once XD
Ulf do we need to get the ambulance for you?
Nexis, why so DJ Sona?

Also did you see the teaser for bard?
(02-25-2015 09:52 AM)Odin Wrote: [ -> ]Nexis, why so DJ Sona?

Also did you see the teaser for bard?

Sona's one of my fave supports as of late (next to Nami) and I'm super hyped for whenever the skin comes out.

And I did, I must admit I'm rather intrigued to see how it comes along.
You might but it won't be related to last nights psychedelics.....I have caught one hell of a virus and can't keep anything down....or in >.>;
Eesh, that sucks >< Might be a good idea to take something with ginger in it, like some tea.
Tried came right back up. Its just a 24hr bug that's going around but its still one hell of a bug x.x
Aw sorry to hear man :C

There is a good chance that I am the only one left that remembers when this was a thing waaay back in the day, but if anyone else does and knows where these cards may be, that would be awesome. I am so glad someone on there breathed new life into this old idea.
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