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The Steam Room - Let It All Out
05-29-2015, 04:01 AM
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RE: The Steam Room - Let It All Out
Wolf, that sounds perhaps like a product of the double-standards partly put in place by that particular strand of feminism -you know the one- wherein men are believed to be the only truly evil ones, whereas all womyn are good-natured, unfortunate, oppressed little angels who would never hurt a fly unless by accident, or unless one of those big evil men told her to do so. If that is the case, the author would be too heavily indoctrinated to realize that women are equally capable of intentional emotional abuse on their own, and would write accordingly.

Before anyone says "But Daed, surely people who believe that do not exist and this is merely a straw woman thing," they do, and I have actually talked to some before. I remember Aerdrie telling me that women were "incapable of evil", and I had to patiently inform her of various famous cases of women murdering each other and the like, because she truly had no idea.

Anyway, sorry if that seems unrelated Wolf. Be careful about the trigger warning system though. I understood it too, but it has gained infamy for absurdity because people like to use it for literally everything, just like the hashtag system.
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