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We had a thread about "bitching and ranting", but to me those things seem pointless and angry. I always hesitated to post because the title implied I was just angrily ranting about something I hated or pointlessly bitching about something instead of fixing the problem. That wasn't the case; I was just tired of bottling it up and wanted to let off some steam and maybe get some feedback. That is why I chose to name it "The Steam Room" instead. Has a nicer connotation, in my opinion.

If you post here just to get something off your chest and you don't want feedback, please say so. Otherwise, members can try to give some advice.
So the medication that I was supposed to be taking to help curb the excessive urination side effect of another set of pills has failed to work as both early this morning and yesterday, I had a literal gusher of piss pump out of me, with more coming during intervals. It also doesn't help that I have chronic insomnia from time to time, so I'm sure there's going to be many a sleepless nights because of this. Not to mention that the pure liquid diarrhea caused by the first pills is back

I think I'd rather have the anxiety than all of these undesirable side effects....
Staying up till 6AM to fix servers is never fun.

Especially when it just isn't getting any better.

Fortunately after a few hours of sleep I was able to sort it out. Its running nicely now.
I am starting to get a newfound sympathy for high profile people.....because I am really fighting the urge to punch somebody every time a random person walks up to me with the "aren't you the guy I keep seeing on TV/in the paper?! I am so sorry for what you have been through, you are doing good things though, blah blah blah." .....If people are sorry for me then how about leave me the fuck alone already and quit bringing it the fuck up! I have made a point of saying I go to the meetings and marches and rallies out of a sense of obligation. So stop calling me "courageous", " inspirational", or worst of all a "hero" for just showing up somewhere, and looking angry in front of a camera!
That sucks, Wolf. I haven't been privy to any information regarding that, but I definitely know what it's like to be told that I'm an "inspiration" just because I workout with medical problems. I still don't understand their reasoning, but I have learned that they bring this shit up because they don't get it. Society has some default "acceptable commentary" that they allow for in various situations, and "You're an inspiration" or "You're a hero" for certain events is just something people say and they say it without thinking. There's nothing wrong with telling them you're none of those things and also mentioning that if they're sorry they need to keep quiet because you hate being reminded of this every second.
A local hospital was shut down here (the closest one in the middle of bumblefuck, nowhere, mind you) by the corporation that took it over, Vidant Health. This nonprofit organization shut said hospital down because they said it was not making enough money for them. A week later my mother has a heart attack and dies on the way to the next nearest hospital, two hours away. She has been attributed to being the first death caused by the closing. This has since made national news and I have been asked to attend many rallies, marches, and protests to have the hospital returned to the town of Belhaven. Including a five mile march and protest infront of the capital building in DC, which followed the mayor of Belhaven's 275 mile walk to the capital while carrying and showing my mothers picture the entire time. That is the story in a nutshell. If you want more detail, you have enough info to google it.
My (ex)girlfriend got pregnant and left me, did not explain why, and is refusing to let me have anything to do with her and the baby, after I went tothe ultrasound and everything, claiming it is her baby, not mine, and to just leave them alone....I actually fell in love with this woman, became a someone her 14yo son looks up to, and now I feel like I was used for nothing but a sperm donor.....
I'm so fucking sorry that had to happen to you Wolf, but please don't let it make you become hardened and bitter. That's how she would have wanted you to feel. Don't let her control you
I was getting to that point...thankfully I have some good friends that guided me back to what passes for sanity. Still though....just ugh...
Damn Wolf. And you two looked so happy together.
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