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The Steam Room - Let It All Out
04-03-2015, 03:16 PM
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RE: The Steam Room - Let It All Out
Recently my parents' divorce was finalized. Pretty much okay with it for the most part. They haven't been working out for, well, years now.

Anyway, this week is my brother's spring break, so we asked my dad if we could stay with him for the week in New Orleans where he works. Totally cool with it, seemed excited, really. He picked us up on Sunday and our vacation started.

Well while we were there, he didn't really spend much time with us (no surprise) but in all fairness he's spent most of the time working. I found out on Sunday he's already dating someone. Still not a huge deal, but still kinda shady.

THEN, he decides he's gonna take us home today (Thursday) because he's gonna go spend the weekend with his new girlfriend, which as it turns out, I've previously met numerous times. He asks if we want to stay at her place. My brother and I agreed.

But I've also found out he's actually been dating her for months. He asked my mother for a divorce just before thanksgiving. That's not a coincidence.

They're already living together.

I have a feeling he's lying about how long they've been seeing each other. And I also think it's super fucking shitty that we had to stay with his new girlfriend just to spend some goddamn time with him.

I don't know. I kinda feel like we're being pushed to the side for this new life he's making for himself. My brother and I have decided to just go home tomorrow, and salvage whatever's left of this week. I'm sure my dad will be fucking thrilled. It's not like this is the first time he's pushed us aside for someone else *sigh*
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