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The CC Book Club
12-26-2014, 04:47 AM
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RE: The CC Book Club
(07-31-2014 09:04 AM)Nexis Wrote:  Just finished Hunter S. Thompson's classic psychotic drug trip 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', which needless to say was one of the most insane readings I've ever had the pleasure to view.

Oh, I remember the thing! I was looking for translated, searched all over the bookstore, but in vain. Was walking towards the exit when saw a section of books in foreign languages. I thought that if I can't the book in Russian, screw it, I'll read it in English, because I can. Surprisingly, there was one copy in the store.

It was an amazing read, especially the first half (in my opinion). Then I found the translated book. It was terrible, and I could only throw it back on the shelf, without a thought of buying. Then decided to watch the movie. Streaming is the last resort for me, I don't get half the pleasure this way. But searches for a disc weren't successful. And then I found out it was in theatres! A 1998 movie in cinemas in May 2013. That was as weird as opportune. Only in 4 cinemas, but that was enough for me. As a bonus, subbed instead of dubbed.
Honestly, don't remember a book or movie that gave me a crazier and more incredible experience.
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