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(05-11-2014 01:11 PM)neo_ozon Wrote: [ -> ]The "Chocolate Crunch" rice cakes are coated in what appears to be coco powder and have little chocolate chips strewn throughout
That sounds pretty good. I might have tried them before, I'm not sure. They sound kinda familiar.

The meal I made last night (scalloped potatoes and chicken & broccoli) were a creamy awesome hit. I had a couple bites of the leftover potatoes for breakfast and a piece of toast with some Nutella on it. I don't normally eat Nutella but it was available.
-Mom's Homemade Chicken Curry over Rice
-Decaff Instant Coffee

^Breakfast of champions right there son
Spicy Nacho Doritos and a 24oz can of Steel Reserve. The midnight snack of drunks right there, mah brotha.
That sounds like an amazing snack.

Had some bran cereal for breakfast. Threw in macadamia nuts, walnuts, and dried cranberries to make it interesting.
Curried lentils with rice and a glass of brandy.
Odin made pancakes this morning =w=
Rich buttery pancakes are magic!

For me, I am eroding my tongue with sour candy: Sour Patch Kids and Crybaby Tears.

My face:

[Image: tumblr_ltlrt3aJaC1qctkcl.jpg]
Had some ramyeon (Korean ramen) and now have a venti 5-shot americano.
My mom is home for a week, and decided to be awesome and cooked my favorite meal today. Meatloaf, pan-fried potatoes, crowder peas, cornbread, and macaroni n cheese. Lemon ice box pie to round it all out. I can't move now XD
I was there. It was a most delightful Mississippi-style meal.
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