Full Version: What Are You Eating?
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Why did you have so much fried chicken?
You know how funerals in the south are. You have someone in your family die, and suddenly everyone in the county brings you food.
I have thin crust pizza. Crunch.
Ulf: Ah, I see. Something about potatoes sounds more comforting, but at least you got free protein. It's nice to have people in the community care after something like that happens.

Taff: What toppings?

For me, I just finished some lentil soup I made. My stomach's been irritated so I decided to make something nice and easy.
I cooked a large pot of red beans and have that for every meal this week. I learned the recipe -which I may share later- through trial, error, and noting flavors in red beans cooked by others. Everyone does it differently, except for Copeland's and Popeye's which have the exact same recipe.
Peppero, pepperoni and pineapple.

I'm feeling like a cheeseburger tonight.
Gonna bring this back cause I like this thread.

Well, there hasn't been much food in the house for the last few days, so my dinner was completely pulled out of my ass, but very tasty. Had some canned chicken and black beans, and some leftover corn tortillas left from tacos one night. Tossed the chicken in a healthy serving of butter in a pan, along with some cumin, black pepper, chili powder, and various other spices. Tossed the black beans in with that, and ate it on the tortillas. Wasn't terrible. I'd like to try it with flour tortillas. The corn wasn't the right texture for the chicken.
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