Full Version: I take selfies - new pic, 8/26
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Tell me I'm cute, and I'll post more, too Smile

This one is fresh off my tablet. #nopants!
[Image: 20150706_215537_by_canadian_trekkette-d908g01.jpg]
I like what I see. Big soft belly that tests the T-shirts limits, and well padded thighs that make a most wonderous lap pillow.

Someone's lucky to have you around.
I use to fantasize about things like this when I was single, sexy nerd ladies resting laptops on their plump ankles. I guess I still do lawl.
So cute :3c
Potential NSFW, but only if you look REALLY close.

[Image: 20150508_155900_by_canadian_trekkette-d8smh3k.jpg]
Hehe, I see it. Lovely legs too.
I think I look elegant and/or majestic... My bra was uncomfortable and it's after supper.
[Image: 20150710_195011_by_canadian_trekkette-d90ryqu.jpg]

I forgot about that former zit on my jaw... oh well, better this than the other profile. No one needs to see the birthmark that looks like a hicky.
Such a beauty. That's a lot of woman needing attention right there.
I like the headset, very cyberpunk, and the way the upper section of of your belly bulges out. Your neck is lovely too, the bun being in a sophisticated position as well. Something about a portly woman with her hair pulled back to reveal the soft curves of the neck is exciting to me.

Those are the kinds of observations I use for my art anyway.
That bun was "too f*cking hot for hair on my neck, and my hair is a giant greaseball anyways." I slept in it, too. But glad you like Smile

I rather liked that shot, personally. I need to play around more with profile, I think.
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