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Enter the Corpulent Couple
05-07-2014, 10:14 AM
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Enter the Corpulent Couple
So gonna try this, write a chapter as I feel like it and post it, see if I'll actually get this story done.

Chapter 1

The ground cracked and shook as Buttman ran down the street chasing his foe, his breath labored as sweat ran down his face and soaked his uniform. His bloated 800lb body shook with each thump as he tried to condense his weight in order to run faster, a sinister giggle from his target encouraging him to try harder. His boots covered by his slowly retreating legfat made it hard to walk let alone run, his moobs bouncing in front of his face with each hard step made it hard to keep track of his taunter, his butt shaking and bumping the cars and buildings he passes make it hard to stay straight on his path.

“Buttman she’s getting away! Turn right on the next corner! Down the alley!”

Bellyboy shouted from the rooftops, keeping an eye on the villain and her cohort who looked up at him with distain. He was waiting to pounce at the same time Buttman reached them, but at this rate they would get away. He watched and groaned as Buttman started to turn the corner and fell over, rolling for a few feet before he regained himself and aimed for the alley. He ran straight and true….and promptly became wedged in the opening by his massive rear.

“Nice try cutie, but looks like I win again!”

Jemma smiled from the other end of the alley, her green eyes piercing into his. He struggled against the sides of the alleyway, his condensing not working fast enough for him as she waddled towards him. Sombra leapt from the rooftop to stop what he knew she was going to do, but Gemstone was there to stop him once again and he sighed as Jemma once again walked up to Buttman and proceeded to give him a kiss and make his rear expand farther.

Buttman tried to resist but she was just too much, her powers were growing fast than his, and he groaned as his ass expanded and covered the sidewalk and started causing the buildings on either side of him to crumble, his moobs flowing forward and pushing against her as his legs and arms suck in his feet and hands. She only stopped when his bulk pushed her too far away to reach his lips, by then his butt had expanded into the street behind him, the corners of the buildings had fallen inwards and his face was buried behind his moobs, his hands and feet were gone inside him once again, he was just a blob of a man.

“Mmm, always a pleasure fatty.”

Jemma giggled and ran off, Gemstone following shortly behind with their loot. Bellyboy got up and stared at Buttman in disappointment.

“Really? Again? Listen Alter, you have been at this for a while, you need to stop letting her do this to you. This is embarrassing.”

Alter just groaned and panted as he focused on condensing.

“Listen, for the last time stop focusing on JUST condensing, you gotta picture yourself skinnier, I know how hard that is for you but it helps, trust me.”

Alter gave a wobbling nod and as he focused on being smaller, he thought of how he looked in the mirror at home, how his belly just barely poked out, his butt was just barely able to fit in one chair, his moobs were small enough to hold with one hand, his face was only slightly chubby…. And as he pictured that he felt himself shrink faster and faster, and before he knew it he was down to 300lbs.

“Whoa, that really works!”

Alter felt around himself and looked at Sombra with awe.

“*sigh* Yes, it does. That’s why you need to listen to me more often…”

Sombra shook his head and waved at Alter as he ran towards where Jemma was last heading.

“Come on, we might still be able to catch them!”

Alter looked up and nodded, kinda sad at his size, but focusing on the task at hand.

“Right, let’s chase us a chubby!”

Bellyboy groaned loudly as Buttman smiled to himself. Neither of them noticing the glowing blue light above them that is getting brighter…

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05-07-2014, 02:27 PM
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RE: Enter the Corpulent Couple
Chapter 2
Jemma ducked into an abandoned warehouse as Gemstone followed close behind. She drops the bag of loot at Jemma’s feet and all their stolen jewels and gold spill out. Her and Gemstone get on their hands and knees and begin looking through them. She smiles and spreads them around with her fat red fingers, feeling the cold hard surfaces moosh her soft warm flesh.

“Okay, let’s check these out; surely there’ll be another power gem in them! If not, we can at least make a hefty sum out of all of them!”

Gemstone groaned at Jemma’s lame joke, looking through a pile of her own, sorting the jewels by color because she thought it looked better that way.

“You know, Buttman looked so hot when I left, he was so soft and blubbery, just such a hot mess of fat…”

Jemma mused while they sorted, not noticing she was making herself swell as she thought about it. She rambled on about how she loved his jiggly moobs as her own breasts bloated outwards, her gem sinking between her cleavage as her breasts blubbed against the ground slightly, she daydreamed about his massive rear as her own filled outwards and covered up her legs and feet, she giggled at the thought of how helpless he was with his hands and feet sunk into his fat as her arm and legfat started pulling her limbs in, she wasn’t even sorting anymore and just staring into space talking about him. She’s snapped out of her rambling by Gemstone smacking her.

“Hey! Pay attention, you’re swelling up and crushing the jewels!”

“Oh, damn even when he’s not around he’s got me all messed up.”

Jemma groaned and started focusing her weight back down again, after a few minutes she was at a more manageable weight, but before she could finish she was distracted by a large boom and the building shook.

“Oh crap he’s not here now is he?!?”

Gemstone stared out the window, a blinding blue light enveloped her as she screamed and ducked down.

“It’s not him! It’s worse!”

Jemma poked her head up as the light died down, she saw two figures surrounded by dust, two BIG figures. As it settled she saw one of the figures was a plump dark blue skinned male, he had to be in the 400-500lb range, his fat feet barely covered by his legfat. On those feet were pure white sandals, which were laced around his pudgy soles and up to his fat knees, upwards from there she saw an ass to rival that of Buttman’s, encased in a tight white speedo. Above said speedo was a shining blue, round gem, which was strapped to the male by a belt wrapped around his belly, as she realized what this meant she took in the rest of his body, a pair of fatty moobs drooped towards his gem belt thing and on top of it all was a tight but fatty face, with dark orange eyes and flowing dark blue hair.

She looked over at the other figure and saw the same blue gem glow, which was attached to a fatty wrist. The wrist was attached to a high 500lb, maybe even 600lb, light blue skinned female, with a pair of fatty legs stuffed into pure white boots and a white mini-dress looking uniform, leaving her fatty thighs and top of her breasts exposed. Wrapped around both objects were several blue belts struggling to contain her fatness in. Her breasts nearly covered her face, only her light orange eyes and silvery blue hair really showing, they covered her belly and pushed her arms off to the sides. Behind her was an ass that was trying not to slip out of the dress as it reached for the ground.

As the dust blew away the figures began to look around.

“We know you’re here, come out now and we’ll make this quick!”

The male spoke with a deep voice, slightly muffled by his cheeks. The female looked back and him and gave his shoulder a pat. She then spoke with a soft, but firm tone.

“You mustn’t be so harsh. Come out honey, we just want to bring you to justice and take your gem back. Come quietly and things will work out.”

“Oh hell no!”
Jemma blurted out and used her belly to bust down the wall. Standing still around 700lbs, her body oozing with fat but ready to fight. She grinned and started condensing her fat into her fists.

“You think you’re gonna come down here and tell me what to do? I think not!”

A few minutes later Buttman, seeing the explosions and feeling the ground quaking in the warehouse area arrives, to see Jemma laying on the ground and the blue skinned female grabbing her gem…

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05-09-2014, 04:45 AM
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RE: Enter the Corpulent Couple
Well, you do have me intrigued on the blue pair. Also, it seems Buttman has become the butt of all of Jemma's jokes/schemes. I wonder if Buttman is just doing this on purpose at this point.

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05-09-2014, 09:26 AM
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RE: Enter the Corpulent Couple
(05-09-2014 04:45 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Well, you do have me intrigued on the blue pair. Also, it seems Buttman has become the butt of all of Jemma's jokes/schemes. I wonder if Buttman is just doing this on purpose at this point.

Hopefully I can finish it, just kinda petered out on the motivation yesterday to write anymore, but I have an outline going and playing around with stuff in my head involving them and this story. Just gotta get on it really.

Well he's the only one that tries to really stop her anymore, all the cops run away when she's around lol (but if you notice he didn't try to physically fight her back in the first chapter *wonk*)

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