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Pyknic Arms
04-29-2014, 10:49 PM (This post was last modified: 04-29-2014 11:22 PM by Aerial-Rave.)
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Pyknic Arms
So, re-posting what I have for a fantasy story I've been working on with a few other people. The basic premise revolves around a group of adventurers, one of which is from a different time period, collecting rather unique weapons. There's obviously more, but that's all I feel like disclosing at the moment but enjoy what I have so far! There will be infrequent updates as I am not nearly close to finishing the story.


In a realm where the skies are eternally painted a ebony hue, the walks ways are gray stepping tones and are disconnected but make a path toward a lone fortress that stands in the dimension's midst. It is there, that the dark plane's prisoner resides but is far from limited in her captivity.

“Hm...marvelous~” Wyrm, the dimension's ruler and aforementioned prisoner hummed as she rubbed her distended belly. The green haired heavyset woman let out a stifled burp as she rested after another well deserved feast. With a spare bone with a pointed tip, she picked the small tiara wedged in between her sharp teeth as the dragon woman in the guise of a human had just finished devouring another female royal.

The statuesque woman's had thick spiral curls of a dark emerald tint that dangled just below her hips. She also had a pair of horns protruding from the crown of her head and pointy elf-like ears. She was clad in an ivory white dress that fell to her upper thighs as a thick pair of heeled boots with straps attached to her dress clung to her feet. Wyrm's dragonic features could be seen in her scaly human hands that sported sharp claws as well as the endless row of razor sharp teeth in her maw.

It was this very thing that the tan skinned dragonoid was imprisoned for. Her love of eating those of royal blood quickly became unruly but she was too powerful to slay. Instead, she and her kingdom were banished to a realm between others, only able to watch them from the shards that rotated around the plane. For years, decades, possibly centuries, she had watched civilizations grow, end and develop all over again through different time periods and continuities.

But over time, Wyrm's power resurfaced and she was partially able to interact with these worlds within mirrors. She herself could not enter them, but talk and communicate with those within. As time progressed, she manipulated and build empires outside her own. She turned princes against their Fathers, peasants on their Kings and royals against one another.

Ignored by the confident dragon woman, the magical guild that sealed her away caught wind of her intentions. They sent a champion, a young talent to slay the infernal beast, thus Wyrm's last chance of redemption would die at the end of a blade.

As they entered the realm, the sword drawn executioner frowned at the dark sight before her. Gripping her sword tight, she scanned the dark plane and instantly caught sight of the dragon's tower. Her short, spiky sand colored hair contrasted with her dark skin and blue eyes. She wore an open but heavy high collar jacket with a set of cufflinks and gloves, a black padded undershirt that fit snug over her turgid middle and ample bust. Her baggy pants were fitting enough to accompany her stocky thighs, toned enough to hold up her hefty upper body and finally, armored shoes to protect her form the harsh terrain of the dark dimension. She then lowered her knight's helm to hide her looks as she continued further.

“No wonder she has become this far lost...” The swordswoman lamented at the depressing scene. She continued forward cautiously and arrived at the fortress. With a slight push, the large double doors parted and a darkened hallway awaited the executioner.

“Enter...royal...” Wyrm's voice echoed.

The dark skinned blonde gulped, her presence already detected by the enemy. “Don't make this harder than it has to be, Wyrm. If you would have just finished your sentence like a good girl-”

“DON'T PLAY COY WITH ME! I KNOW THIS WAS AN ETERNAL SENTENCE!” Wyrm roared, shaking the entire hallway.

“That's...not what I heard...” The executioner groaned, her ears still ringing. “But now it's too late...I must slay you...”

“Slay me?” Wyrm chuckled while still hidden. “You certainly are! What with that sense of humor and toothpick you carry, I will need it when I am done dining on you~”

“You've dined on enough royals for one millennium, Wyrm! Now show yourself!”

The hefty green haired woman then waddled from the shadows. “Here I am.”

The sand haired swordswoman hesitated, her hand and sword resting by her side. “You are...calmer than the reports portrayed.”

“Misinformed? Seems the mages that sealed me were more senile than I remember.”

“No, the council that monitored your prison has changed hands several times. I can imagine some information has faded through time.”

“How long have I been here?”

“Too long...” The executioner then lunged at the dragon woman. Her vertical swipe was deflected by the woman's claw, sending her off balance and followed up with a shoulder tackle that knocked the swordswoman on her cushioned rear.

“I would appreciate the mages actually bringing me a challenge or a capable executioner. You seem to be holding something back...your heart isn't in it.”

The dark skinned woman gritted her teeth, taking a minute to stand. She charged Wyrm once more, her sword strikes more ferocious and unfocused. Wyrm still deflected the blades with ease and caught the executioner's armed wrist and backhanded her to the floor.

“You think this is some trivial job to you?” The dragon woman snarled, clearly offended. “The mages sent you after ME, WYRM! The most powerful and feared dragon in existence! If you came here thinking this was going to be a routine execution, then I will me more than happy to prove you wrong as you sink down my throat!”

The blue eyed girl turned away with her pride broken. Wyrm was right, she was acting casual toward all this. The mages had prophesied the fall of her kingdom due to Wyrm's influence and tasked her with the beast's death in order to save her kingdom and others.

“All right then...time to get serious...”

“Ooh, I'm so scared~” The dragon woman mocked.

The sand haired woman's sword then glowed and began to cackle with magical energy.“A gift from the mages, a Pyknic Arm! They said this would be more than enough to slay you but I was hoping it wouldn't come to this...”

“Heh, flattering. But what makes you think I never heard of these Pyknic Arms? Or, perhaps, they are part of my plan to escape?”

“Your plans went out the window when you violated your sentence!” The empowered executioner let loose a powerful swing. Wyrm attempted to block but was batted across her corridor and into a self portrait.

The green haired woman then attempted to crawl away but the noble loomed a shadow behind her. “Go away...your sudden change of heart has turned this sour...I honorable death...not one where my executioner is forced...”

“Make up your mind, dragon. You want to be killed or not?”

“Why don't you make that decision for me?”

The woman glared and slashed the dragon woman through the walls of her castle and on a floating rock platform on the outside. She stood before the grounded Wyrm, who only chuckled at the altered Queen's new vigor. She then raised her large blade over her head and came down with a swift strike. However, the dragon woman countered with a slash to the woman's chest, causing her to stumble back.

“It really doesn't matter, now. My plan to escape is already in place! Soon, I will be able to walk the numerous kingdoms I have accumulated over my sentence! The nations that praise me as a Goddess will be able to see me in all my splendor!”

The executioner held her sword tightly while standing her ground. “Is that want to be a ruler!?”

“To be waited on hand and foot, praised and have commands carried out without a second thought. To hold absolute power and control...”

“To think I felt sorry for you...”

“Again, you were misinformed about me~”

The two wide women ran toward one another with their respective battle cries. They exchanged blows, claws hitting steel and both their corpulent bodies sustaining gashes and bruises. The tan haired was the first to wane as she dropped her sword but her handle still held tightly.

“You all right? You seem tired.”

“Sh-Shut up you fire breathing marshmallow...”

“Ooh, good one. It has been awhile since I heard a good snide comment.”

The executioner's strength returned as her hate for Wyrm grew again. She lifted her forked sword and rushed Wyrm again. But instead, she shoved her sword into the stone platform, letting loose and geyser of energy that blasted both women away.

“What are you-!?” The emerald haired woman howled as she was catapulted further from her castle. When grimaced in pain, lying face up as she peered weakly at the dark sky above. A smile then grew across her face as the skies opened up with white rays that pierced the dark void.

The tan haired woman coughed and gazed at the spectacle as well. “What!?”

“They did it! They finally did it!” Wyrm boasted from across the plane. “Now, send the Arms!”

From the dragon's keep, a number of objects ascended toward the sky rift and vanished into the white void. “What's going on!? What have you done!?”

“Follow the trail and find out~”

The Queen suddenly felt herself being pulled upwards. The pull from the white portal lifted her from the ground. “Wh-Whoa!”

“Have fun on the other side, royal.” Wyrm bid as the portal closed with the executioner in it. “Now for phase two...”

When the woman regained consciousness, she found herself in a foreign world. It resembled her own, blue skies, green grass, the distant murmur of voices in the distance...civilization! Though it didn't look like it, she was far from home, a gut feeling confirmed her thoughts while slowly dragging herself toward the unknown town.

Sadly, the stress from the previous battle quickly resurfaced. Her muscles tensed up and her legs cramped, causing her to trip and roll down the steep hill. With her face deep in the grass, she was on the verge of passing out again but she looked up to see a number of blurred figures approach. “”

“She's alive!” One spoke.

“Quick, we need to get her to the inn!”

The sandy haired woman felt her body elevated as she tried to speak more. “Dr-Drag...gon...Dra...”

“It's okay, save your strength.”


“Ugh, if she wasn't heavy she mumbles nonsense...”

The dark skinned executioner finally gave up and slipped into unconsciousness once more. Her heart dreaded on what type of place she ended up or what would happen to her in the care of these people. Whatever it was, they seemed unaware of Wyrm's existence and even more dire, her apparent plan of action.
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04-29-2014, 11:42 PM (This post was last modified: 04-30-2014 12:36 AM by Aerial-Rave.)
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RE: Pyknic Arms
The result of that fight within the dark dimension marked a new advancement in mankind. Not long after the incident, many more strange objects fell from the sky and into people's laps. Swords made of not steal but pure light, armor that could shrug off even the larges of explosions and acid as well as appliances that made food plentiful and filling.

For a time, the world went through an individual Golden Age. Each known kingdom experienced peach, splendor and happiness. But as it were, soon those who garnished these things wanted more. First, they would take from those lesser than them, but their insatiable greed would not let them stop. Before long, boundaries were crossed and the weapons that first were feared, now became a common friend for the sake of protection...or greed.

A hooded figured walked into a bustling town made of cobblestone walkways.

“Weapons! Get your weapons here!”

“Do you have any of...those sir?”

The cloaked stranger stopped to peer at the potential business deal.

“Uh...'fraid not. Besides, I doubt someone like you could even afford one of...those if I had one.”

The unknown shook their head and continued on. They were seeking the local tavern and quickly found the appointed tavern. The place was filling to the brim with faces and creeds of all shapes and sizes. Yet, they slipped through practically unnoticed and took an available seat by the bar.

“What'll ya have?” The bartender said in a casual tone.

“Water, I guess.” The stranger hesitated.

The bartender shrugged. He was a middle aged man clad in a standard black vest, matching slacks and a white undershirt. His hair was fading but the remaining patches of hair circling around his head still beaming in a dark sheen. He had seen a lot but this customer seemed normal, which wasn't very normal at all. “So, you from around here?”

“No, but I heard good things about this town.”

“Yeah, Evergrand is pretty special. They say this town is were one of the first Arms landed.”

“So I've heard.” The hooded person was given their drink. The person pulled back their hood to unveil themselves as a chubby red head. Her hair thick and dangled to her shoulders. Her green cloak separating to reveal herself in a white blouse with brown shorts and light pink boots with tassels around the ankles. “They are pretty hard to come by, no?”

“Indeed. After the kingdoms began racing to collect them all, things have gotten pretty dire.”

“It was inevitable. Can't say I haven't felt an urge to get one.”

“Legend says they favor the unfortunate.” The bartender said.

“So, I'll never get one then?” The ginger girl smiled.

“Here ye! Here ye!” The loud boisterous announcement came from the outside. The red head finished her water and joined a few of the curious minds to the outside. “Let it be known to one and all! The Queen has issued a warranted search and destroy of a certain thief who had stolen a Pyknic Arm from the kingdom of Kruszevya. We are order to search through every nook and cranny of Evergrand to find the culprit or the stolen weapon. She shall being our search in a few moments unless anyone has any information on the culprit.” The knight, clad in standard armor of crimson and gold tints then rolled up his scroll he just read from. He and the small platoon behind him stood in stillness in hopes of the culprit or someone helpful to their investigation to step forward. “Very well, you had your last chance. Ransack the place, gentlemen.”

The soldier saluted and scattered, ramming their way into people's homes and establishments. Panic then swept Evergrand as the knights raided the town. The woman in the green cloak stood still and watched the riot unfold. A fire broke out in someone's home while a woman was tossed from her bakery and the place was raided by raiders who suddenly appeared in the chaos.

'These guys, they don't know what they are doing...' The ginger woman concluded. Unhinging her bow, hidden under her cloak, she equipped the range weapon, ready to set things right. With a stoic look, she shot an arrow at one of the raider's ankles, crippling him. She then helped the bake to her feet and smiled. “Stay inside and lock the doors and windows if you can.” The woman nodded at the archer's instructions and ran inside.

She continued her own path, firing more arrows at the thieves who were now driven by the need to find the Pyknic Arm. Truth be told, it was why she was here as well. Though the archer's intent was more pure, the pull of finding that weapon, one that can give you a kingdom, followers and all the riches you desire, was too good to ignore. However, her heart gave her a higher prioritized job; protecting the people of Evergrand.

The red headed archer continued into town with her bow drawn. She shot a man off the roof after sniping the torch in his hand. Another shot had plagued a man in the hip, stopping him from bludgeoning a child to death with his club. The woman's heroics were suddenly stopped by a Krus knight, holding her arm back. The archer countered with an elbow but found herself rattled by his helm. “Ow...bad idea...” The archer grimaced as she was tossed aside.

Still, she knew how today's armor worked even Pyknic armor, which was all but impenetrable or so they say...Luckily, this man had a standard issue set of armor as she fired at his left armpit. The arrow stick fast, wedging itself in the arm joint, paralyzing his entire side. The chubby archer went for another arrow but found herself dry. She then exchanged a blank stare with the paralyzed knight, before turning tail, looking for an Arms shop.

Her name was Zoe. Being a ranger meant she was very accurate and very limited on supplies. Her archery was notable but the woman herself was not. A generally unknown vigilante, Zoe was determined to stop the chaos unfolding in the town before it burned to the ground.

She had made it down one of the cobblestone streets when a small platoon had blocked her off. The knights of the Krus empire drew their weapons as Zoe slowly backed away. “Look, I don't want any trouble...”

“You should have thought of that before you killed our men!”

“Crippled! I crippled a few because they were attacking innocent people!”

“There is nothing innocent about hiding thieves within your walls! We were ordered by Queen Ireyla to search this town for the Pyknic Arm that was stolen from our armory!”

“And what proof do you have that it is here?”

“None of your business! Now, stand aside or be cut down!”

Zoe stood firm in defiance as the armored men approached. However, their advance was soon crippled by a bolt of lightning that floored the small army.

“...You know, I really hate to resort to violence but I learned the hard way you can not council beasts.” The witty line came from a rather large figure. The woman waddled beside Zoe, almost eclipsing her in weight and certainly width as her chunky pear hips were gelatinous ale barrels. The new face was a mocha skinned mage wearing a brown long sleeve blouse with a tan undershirt and matching short skirt revealing most of her thunderous thighs. Her hair was a cascade of chocolate dreadlocks that piled high on top of her head. The large caster fired another bolt of electricity, sparking the retreat of the Krus units.

Zoe turned and smiled at the stranger. “Th-Thank you...”

“It was no trouble, but might I suggest having a weapon ready next time you decide to take on a platoon?” The woman giggled.

“Well...uh...” Zoe flashed her empty quiver.

“I see. That is a spot of trouble for someone like you. I take it you are an archer, then? My name is Ryven, elemental mage at your service.” The bottom heavy caster bowed.

“My name is Zoe and already said what I was...”

The girls ducked as a fiery explosion shook the town. “Pleasure to meet you Zoe but we must get moving...”

“I agree but, can we head to the Arms shop? I want to get some arrows and save this town.”

“Wait, what? I admire your heroics but you can't be serious! The last thing you want to do is deny the Queen of Kruszevya!”

“It's not about that but protecting those around us! Besides, we'll just go to Kurszevya with the Pyknic Arm and hopefully stop the Queen from causing more harm.”

“With all due respect; First off, we just met and I just saved you from certain doom. Second, how are we supposed to get the arm or even know what it looks like? Third, you realize how far Kruszevya is from here?”

“I don't know, but I have to try something...” Zoe argued.

“But why? Why go through all this? I'm an archeologist and I would never go this far for an item!”

“Then, that's the difference between you and I...” There was a brief pause as Ryven frowned. “Oh...I'm sorry...”

“No, no. It is quite all right, there is a difference between us...”

The archer in the green cloaked sighed, dropping her shoulders. “Okay, what I said was out of line but I'm glad you understand. Thanks for saving me, though.”

Ryven nodded. “Go east down this street and after two blocks the Arms shop should be there.”

“Right, thanks.” Zoe smiled and heading in the appointed direction. The mage waved, watching the ginger archer disappear from out of side. Though her last words were still echoing in her mind.

Within the distance, Zoe managed to spot the weapon's shop but it would appear her journey was all for naught. “No...No!” She pleaded as she finally stopped inches from the the property, which was now destroyed. 'Of course...this would be the first place they ransack...' She mumbled internally.

“Hey! What are you doing here!?” A Krus guard shouted as several more troops swarmed the area.

Zoe quickly reached for an arrow within her bow, but froze in place as her hand caught nothing but air. “You've got to be kidding!” Her quiver was empty and what a fine it was to be. She stood pale faced as she was encircled by angry Krus troops. She slowly backed away, trying to find a suitable excuse for her not to be killed on the spot. But the approaching doom made her mouth dry and her heart sink, leaving her speechless.

“And just what would Queen Ireyla say if she saw this?” The scolding was then followed by a rain of thunderbolts that cleared out the Witch Queen troops. The savior was none other than the husky pear, Ryven.

“Y-You saved me...” Zoe stammered.

“O-Of course I did...I saw a platoon heading in your direction not soon after you left. I couldn't just stand by and let them take you and this town.”

“So you'll help me?”

“On a few conditions: 1. We do not kill the guards, only disable them and spare the townspeople. 2. We do not keep the Pyknic arms they are looking for.”

Zoe gave an ashamed blush look while slyly crossing her fingers. “Deal...”
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04-30-2014, 12:46 AM
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RE: Pyknic Arms
The executioner clenched her eyes together as she had finally woken up. She found herself in a pajama gown, light blue in color with a white floral design. She was also slightly thinner than she remembered as her stomach wasn't as curved but still turgid and she had lost at least a cup size with her breasts. She tried to speak, but dried murmurs was all she could manage. Luckily, it seemed to stir the second person in the room.

“Oh?” A mousy presence turned to the shifting woman. She was a husky coke bottle figured woman with pale skin and icy blue hair styled in a bouquet of thick curls. She wore an open black tailcoat with orange trimmings with a matching long skirt, boots and gray vest with an orange undershirt. “Miss, you are alive! Thank the Gods! W-What are you doing!?” The executioner was trying to pry herself up. The electric blue haired woman then hastily held her still. “Please, you must rest. You have been in a coma for nearly six months?”


“Oh my, your throat must be extremely dry. I knew it was the right decision to watch you full time. I swear, those villagers...” The woman mumbled as she placed a hand on the tan woman's throat. A small glow emitted from her palm as green marking appeared in her hand. “There, that should do it.”

The gowned woman coughed at first but slowly felt her throat at ease. “Th-Thank you...”

“No trouble at all. The fact that you are alive is a wondrous occasion in itself. The village was a bit worried you weren't going to make it...”

“Hm?” The recovering female tried to move again, only for her body to collapse on her. “What is...wrong with me?”

“As I said, you were out for some time. Give your body a moment to recover, I'll aide in the healing process with my magic.”

“M-Magic? Are you a mage?”

“Uh...yes? Mages are associated with magic last time I checked.” The executioner then gave the woman a dirty look. “S-Sorry...My name is Weaver, head librarian and well, almost lead Magi in this village. Who might you be, stranger? I do feel something other than 'Coma-girl' would be more respectful.”



“No, just Fast. Call me that.”

“Well Fast, welcome to the world of the living!” Weaver cheered.

“...Where's my stuff?” The less than enthusiastic swordswoman asked.

“Over by the counter, but you are in no condition to use them, I'm afraid.”

“Oh yeah?” Fast challenged as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed. The moment her bare feet hit the floor however, the sand haired woman plummeted on her face.

Weaver shook her head as she helped the clearly stubborn woman back into bed. “Now, I know you seem to be in a hurry but you really have to rest. Your body has not been active for almost half a year. I've seen people unable to do even what you did with a week on inactivity.”

“Let's just say...I'm not most people...”

“As much as I like your enthusiasm, as your main caretaker I must enforce a strict regiment of rest. We can begin a rehabilitation regiment in the coming weeks but diet and getting you to even walk again will take time.”

“Time that I don't have...”

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Bring me my sword and I'll show you.”

“Your...sword?” Weaver blinked. “I-I'm sorry Fast, but you didn't have a sword when you arrived. If it were lost in the field, I'm afraid someone else has it by now...”

Fast sighed. “Is my gauntlet present, at least?”

“Oh, of course!” Weaver nodded as she quickly retrieved the item. “So, you'll be more of a fighter in the future, I take it? Then again, you could always get another sword forged.”

“Yeah, no. My sword is one of a kind.” Fast explained as she slipped the gauntlet on. The artifact then began to glow and quickly morphed into a thin longsword.

“My word!” Weaver gasped. “I-I felt some magical properties within the gauntlet but nothing like this!”

“It's a Pyknic Arm...”

“Is that what all this buzz is about?”

“What buzz?”

“Well, for just about the same amount of time you've been with us, an industrial revolution has been occurring. Dozens of gauntlets, like yours have been distributed among the populace. They also have morphed into different devices, much like yours!”

“And why did mine come as a surprise to you?”

“Honestly, I never saw one up close...”

“L-Listen Weaver...” Fast began, wincing from her aching body. “The Arms...they are a ploy by an imprisoned dragon to free herself. Her name is Wyrm...I was appointed to execute her and...I failed...” The last part was bitter for the swordswoman while she tightly gripped her sheets. “If I fail again...She'll undoubtedly take over with anyone else having any means to stop her.”

“Wyrm, I've heard that name before. But what do the Arms have to do with her?”

“They're weapons from the future. Highly advanced items that do not belong in this time. If they continue to influence this time line, there will be no difference between past and future, making them one and acting as the key that connects Wyrm's prison to your world.”

“And what about your world?”

Fast turned away. “I'm...from the future as well...”

“Oh my!” Weaver gasped.

“D-Don't make a big deal out of it! In my future, Wyrm was on the brink of escaping, so the High Magi Council sent me to stop her. Little did I know, they sent me a bit too late as she instructed her Legion to sent the Arms here.”

“And now, you are tasked with getting them all back?”

“Not necessarily. Just stop them from being used for nefarious reasons. As the needs of more powerful weapons grow, wars and conflict will rise and the demand for more Arms. If that happens by someone figuring out how they exactly work, they become commonplace, just like they are in my future.”

“And Wyrm's malicious influence spreads as well...” Weaver added. “This is dire indeed, but again, you are in no condition to-”

“Then join me!”

“E-Excuse me?” Weaver stammered, her cheeks reddening.

“Help my quest.” Fast hesitated, sensing Weaver's reluctant emotions.

“O...Okay.” The sheepish bookworm accepted. “I will go along with you but only if you listen to me on your recovery regiment. We can't do right away, but I can hasten your rehabilitation a bit...”

“Thanks I...appreciate it...” Fast smiled weakly. From all the excitement, she was finally feeling the fatigue of just waking up. As she crashed her head on the pillow, Weaver couldn't help but smile. But as Fast slumbered, the light blue haired woman then frowned, realizing what she just got herself into.

“!” Zoe grunted as she dug through the rubble of the weapon's shop. “Don't tell me they already got it!”

“Or that it wasn't here to begin with. Come on Zoe, I doubt an Arm would be here.”

“It has got to be, Ryven! Why else would the Kruszevyanian Army be here!?”

“No doubt a thief stole it from their vault and fled here but with it being what it is, I doubt they would try to pawn it off.”

“Then where is it?”


The two travelers heard the echoing cry as they instinctively ran in opposite directions.

“Ryven, where are you going?!”

“To see who that was!”

“Why!?” The dreadlocks magician didn't answer as she mad waddled her pear shaped body toward the source of the scream. Tugging her hood, Zoe suddenly felt conflicted. She could just turn tail and probably find an Arm somewhere else but then again, Ryven did stick out her neck for her. “She is going to be the death of me...” The arrow-less archer mumbled as she followed behind Ryven.

The two made it to the scene where a female knight was engaged with the very culprit. A towering Orc in futuristic battle armor had just swung its hardened club, matching the large broadsword the tan woman with sand colored hair wielded, echoing a tremendous boom on impact. The female knight was clad in a red mail dress with armaments on her feet and hands.

“D-Dame!?” Ryven exclaimed.

“You know her?”

“Yes. She is Dame Layard, one of the Witch Queen's Elite Knights of the Round.”

Zoe then smirked. “Okay, it seems she is fighting the real bastard who stole the Arm, let's help her!”

“Right. Dame, hey Dame!” Ryven cried as she and Zoe joined the battle.

“What are you doing here!?” Dame scolded as she deflected another swing from the Orc.

“Your forces attacked and ransacked the town!” Zoe yelled.

“And we came here to help you fight.” The hefty pear mage added, casting a cascade of icicles to pelt the green beast's head.

“I appreciate the help, even from the arrow-less archer...” Dame commented as Zoe puffed her cheeks. “But this thing has an Arm, we'll need to just let it ride instead of outright killing it. Its armor seems all but penetrable...”

“So, how do we beat it?” Zoe asked.

“Follow my lead and watch.” Dame replied, rushing in as Ryven covered her advance with a fireball.

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04-30-2014, 11:53 PM
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RE: Pyknic Arms
The battle continued as Dame bashed the beast with a swing from her broadsword it slid across the steel armament of the Orc, only managing to knock it back a step. It then quickly retaliated with a swing from its club, meeting the red clad knight's parry. Dame stood fast, taking the blow as Ryven summoned an ice blast that blinded the green behemoth.

Now stunned, the heavy swordswoman assaulted with more thunderous blows but still failed to manage any major damage. “This thing's armor is tough to crack, it's unlike anything I've seen before!”

“It seems resistance to magic as well. Where are the other Krus knights when you need them!?” Ryven commented as she looked to Zoe. The green cloaked archer frowned as there was virtually nothing she could do to help the situation. She was out of arrows and she highly doubt her bow alone could do any damage. “Zoe! Snap out of it, girl!”

“What do you want me to do!?” The ginger replied.

“Distract it or something! Maybe we can at least lead it out of town!”

“You want me to be bait for that thing!? Are you out of your mind!?”

Dame engaged the Orc once more after it had wiped the frost from its eyes. They weapons clashed but Dame's broadsword proved better as she pushed forward, causing the green monster to stumble. “This thing is not a good fighter, that armor is protecting it from its fatal mistakes...” Seeing the beast quickly regain itself, she then raced past her two allies. “Come on, we have to tire it out!”

“Oh boy...seems we both have to run...” Ryven frowned, adjusting her skirt as her flared hips became more apparent.

“Grr, she's a knight so she's built for this...!” Zoe complained but her and the dreadlocks mage decided following Dame was better than facing the Orc alone.

The trio ran through the destroyed square of the town where fires still spread and bodies were sprawled about. It wasn't long before Ryven's excess weight began to anchor her. She suddenly collapsed on her knees, totally out of breath while Zoe stopped to check on her.

“Come on Ry, we have to keep going!”

“I-I wish I could but...this is a painful reminder I'm not cut out for this sort of thing...”

“Ry, archer, what's the hold up?” Dame asked as she stopped a few feet ahead.

“Ryven can't run anymore. If you haven't noticed, we aren't as fit as you!”

“Fitness has nothing to do with it. If anything, I am heavier than Ryven...Still, that thing is way behind us but we still have to keep in its sights to lure it away from the others. It has a Pyknic Arm and it appears it doesn't know the down side to it. ”

“Down side?” Zoe repeated just as the Orc reappeared, tearing through buildings onto the city square. “It's here!”

“Damn, no choice...” Dame unsheathed her broadsword again, blocking a clubbing blow. “You two, get out of here while you...still can! I'll meet you-!” The Orc then broke Dame guard and swattered her into an abandoned kiosk.

“DAME!” Ryven yelled reaching out to the rubble her friend was buried under.

“Ryven, no!” Zoe intervened, holding her friend back.

“No, let me go! I have to help her!”

“We can't we have to get out of here like she said!”

“You can, I'm going to save my friend!” The dreadlocks mage shoved the archer aside and wobbled to the fallen knight. However, Ryven soon saw the Orc begin to swing its club in her direction. She knew she wasn't agile nor resistant enough to survive the blow. Frowning, she closed her eyes and continued to run, preparing for the worst...At the last minute, Zoe came leaping to Ryven's rescue. The two plump bodies hit the ground together and tumbled just out of the range of the Orc's attack.

“A-Are we dead?” Zoe grunted after she hit the ground.

“ saved me...”

“Yeah...I wanted to have a friend by the end of this ordeal.” The ginger said with a smile.

“But what about-?”

Dame then pried herself from the destroyed cart, emerging without any visible scars.

“How did she-?” Zoe paused, looking at Dame's rather unique weapon. 'Could she have an Arm...?'

“Dame, you're all right!” Ryven's happiness went unnoticed as the red clad knight advanced with her sword held firmly over her head. She and the Orc clashed several more times, each swing left Dame losing grip with one of her hands, only to come back swinging with the other. Soon, a stray bolt from above rained down on the green monster, stunning it, allowing Dame to get a good full swing that toppled it. With a rousing boom, the monster howled in pain in the wake of its defeat.

The trio gathered in front of the slain Orc, it now a panting heap with its cheeks slightly sunken in. “Something wrong with it?” Zoe spoke up.

“Looks like it. As if it were poisoned or something...” Ryven examined.

“You can say that, or more accurately, a parasite.” Dame concluded as the armor on the Orc retracted into a long gauntlet with a jewel within the palm. “Just as I suspected...” She then slipped the gauntlet from the beast.

“Is that-!?”

“Yes archer, a Pyknic Arm, the one stolen from the Queen's vault.”

“My's beautiful...” Ryven remarked.

“You can say that...think of it as a rose with thorns.”

“How so?”

“Well, we discovered these things grant someone their perfect weapon, usually with a unique ability with it. This Orc seemed immune to everything we throw at it, but it never supplied the Arm with what it needed.”

“What does it need?” Zoe asked.

“Excess body fat. For some reason, these gauntlets use that as an energy source from the user. Strange but more than an easy source with knights like me.”

“You can say that again!” The red headed archer joked, earning a glare from Dame.

“In any case, I should take this back to the Queen before...before...” The tan haired swordswoman then began to fall forward, Ryven rushed to her aid to hold her up.

“Dame! Dame! What's wrong!?”


“Zoe, help me settle Dame down somewhere.” The archer nodded as the pair helped Dame to the edge of town, sitting her down by a toll booth entrance. “Dame, relax. We'll stay here until your troop arrives.”

“N-No...the Queen wants us to press on and find more Arms...However, maybe you guys can...convince her to pardon this town and the others...She has made a grave mistake...and needs to realize her actions in getting these weapons...has gone too far...”

“You think we can convince her?” Zoe questioned.

“I hope, use this pendant of mine to get access to her. As a Knight of the Round, I am her personal guard. Now go, make your way to Kruszevya and bring an end to this madness...”

“Dame...I had no idea it was like this...” Ryven frowned. “If I knew...I would have never-”

“Don't...blame yourself. We both wanted this...” She said with a smile. Petting her dark skinned friend's cheek, she then brought her closing to exchange a kiss. Zoe was initially shocked by the friendly gesture. Not wanting Dame's personal thank, she turned her hood. “Don't worry your little read head, archer. Ryven and I have a special relationship.”

“W-Whatever you say...”

“Oh, I almost forgot...” Dame then tossed Zoe the gauntlet. “Consider that a thank you for saving Ryven...You'll both need it on your travels.”

“We appreciate it Dame...get well and may our paths cross again...” Ryven bid with another kiss that made Zoe gag.

With a clear frown on her face, Weaver constructed Fast's lunch already regretting her decision to help the swordswoman. Fast had further explained her odd quest. It seems there was a lot more to these Arms, which made the Witch Queen's motives all the more suspicious. Even worse, Fast had planned on visiting the Queen in her own kingdom...

Weaver was well versed in the rumors that surrounded the current ruler of Kruszevya and they were tales she rather not experience first hand. But Fast seemed determined and she did make a promise. However, the tan swordswoman did agree to fully recover before they would set off. Weaver hoped it would be enough time to convince her other wise. Once she finished preparing the soup and bread for Fast, she returned to a sight that almost made her drop the serving tray. “Fast, what are you doing!?”

The sand haired girl stopped, already clad in her regular attire to give Weaver an estranged look. “What?”

“Y-You're standing! And you...dressed yourself!”

“Yeah, I think I'm old enough to dress myself...”

“No, I mean, you were just in a coma for not even a day!”

“Oh, right...I guess I forgot to tell you what my Pyknic Arm does. You see, my blade can speed up anything it touches, namely I used it to heal myself.”

“M-My magic can't even do that...”

“Hey, food! Good, I'm starving!” fast beamed, shoveling the bread slices between her lips. “Got anymore? My sword uses my extra weight as an energy source and my jacket already feels a bit baggy...”

“I-I'll pack some for the road...” Weaver sighed, realizing what she had to do now. “We...are going to have to see the Queen now, aren't we...?”

“Yup, part of the deal, remember? And don't worry, I have an all access pass for getting us in. A little souvenir from my Mom that gave er full access to kingdoms all around her land in her time. It'll probably work for this place too, hopefully. Once I tell her what Wyrm is up to, I can promise everything will be peachy from then on!” She promised, placing a hand on the blue haired mage's shoulder.

“I hope so...” Weaver exhaled.

“That...soup is for you, right? I rather skip the appetizers and go for the rib sticking stuff.” Fast commented.

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RE: Pyknic Arms
The kingdom of Kruszevya was reputable for being a land of formidably and chance. While the lower class were settled in brick house with cobblestone streets under their housed feet. Despite what seems like a moderate lifestyle, the kingdom had become too big for the fabled Witch Queen, Ireyla Boleslava, to micromanage the equal Utopia she promised once she became seated in the throne. Because of this, the lower class neighborhoods had deteriorated somewhat, lost in the bureaucracy of the kingdom and left to fend for itself. Crime was no stranger to the labyrinth slums where even the most skilled and armored warrior could fall to an ambush of desperate townsfolk. Most residents weren't bloodthirsty criminals but could easily be swayed by the promise of unspoiled bread or a gold coin in exchange for their humanity.

Generally unknown to the Witch Queen, her platoon of elite protectors and soldiers known as the Knights of the Round did their part for the community. Some donated their extra funds and even rations to the poor when they visited the impoverished area as a bridge for the less fortunate and the nobles in the elevated parts of the territory. But sadly, even they felt the pressures of the ever growing territory of Kruszevya and were being stretched thin. With the introduction of the Pyknic Arms, most of the already skilled Round members became even less beatable and Ireyla's land and population grew, though her touch with the general public began to fade...

Fast and Weaver arrived in the Witch Queen's territory. Over the horizon, partly obscured by rivaling towers was the main keep of Ireyla. The tan swordswoman narrowed her look at the castle over yonder. “This place is...bigger than I remember...”

The blue haired mage looked at her friend. “W-What do you mean?”

Fast then shot a surprised look. “Uh...n-nothing...” She dodged and pressed forward, finally entering the labyrinth of the commoner maze district. Weaver frowned, she thought after a few days of travel, Fast would open up to her, but it seemed she still didn't trust her...

The pair used how relatively far the tower looked to map themselves across the endless slums. Admittedly, they were well tended. If anything, despite a few broken windows and the aged look of the structures, this part of the kingdom was well kept, almost pretty well off in fact. The girls found themselves in a town square that seem quite vacant. Fast did a quick glance both ways before sighing.

“What's wrong?”

“An ambush...” The cue came as a man in rags rushed the duo with a club. With the weapon reeled back behind his head as he swung, he suddenly felt it leave his grip and he then found himself tumbling to the side as his abdomen crashed against the cobblestone street. Above him stood a sword wielding Fast and a shocked Weaver.

“Fast, how did you-!?”

“You think my name is just some gimmick?” The helmeted knight replied. She then approached the man, bending her knees to squat next to him. “Excuse me, why did you attack us?”

The stranger gritted his teeth, still in pain from the blow. “H-How?”

“I'm good at what I do. Now, call the others off so we can talk.”

“Talk? damn Round Knight...You're late!”

“I'm not a Round Knight, sir.”

“Could have...fooled me...are you a noble, then?”

“Nope, just a stranger passing by...”

“But...your clothes...and the both, no?”

“I'll be honest; yes, but not enough to give out. We just barely made it here ourselves and we're here to see the Witch Queen.”

“Heh, that's a laugh...I was born here and never made it out of this dump...”

“Maybe you should try harder, then...” Fast retorted. “Come on, Weaver.”

The electric blue haired mage looked worryingly at the downed man. “But...Fast...”

“We don't have time to waste. I told you the importance of-What are you doing?”

Weaver knelt before the man, using a blue orb to heal his wounds as her markings became more apparent. “I know you are in a hurry but what is the point of this quest if we ignore everyone in need we meet on the way? Here sir.” Weaver pulled out a few gold coins and placed them in her hand as the former attacker sat up. “Please, take this and feed your family.”

“H-How did you know?”

Weaver simply smiled. “Call it a hunch~”

Next, several beggars came from the alleyways, hands out in desperation. Fast rolled her eyes as her and Weaver soon became surrounded by moaning townspeople, asking for money. “Happy now?”

“Well...uh...Sorry everyone, I don't have enough to give you all...Maybe that guy-He's gone!” Weaver gasped as they became further enclosed.

Fast shook her head as her sword became to shine. In a flash, her and Weaver were gone while some of the townsfolk were knocked over, the rest surprised at the sudden disappearing act.

After gaining significant distance, the two stopped outside a lively tavern. Fast panted with her mouth side and slid down against the side of the building. “You just...had to be nice...”

“I was nice to you.” Weaver exhaled as she wiped her brow. “Just...excuse me for showing some charity among the suffering. You know, the politics of this place...”

“I'm telling you, this place is dozen of times bigger than I remember. When you told me how long it would take, I didn't believe you...guess I still owe you that-”

“Don't worry about that. Let's just get to Ireyla, it's getting dark.”

“Right...just give me a few minutes...”

“Fast...your Pyknic Arm, does it really hurt you?”

“Only if I use it recklessly. We sort of cleared more than half the territory and I had to reroute a few times because we ran into dead ends.”

“I'm glad.” Weaver nodded with a smirk.

“I told you, I can speed up anything this blade touches including you and I. The trade-off is my weight.” Fast explained, her body more of a thick build than a more statuesque one Weaver had. “But come on...we can probably make it to the castle by night.” Though still weak, Fast picked herself up and retracted her sword back into the special gauntlet.

“No need to stress yourself out. Look, there's a carriage.”

A two horse carriage rolled up in the girl's direction. The curtains blocking the view of the passenger inside but the driver was visible sitting in the front. A dreadlocks hairstyle and bulbous pear shaped woman in a brown tunic and tan dress stopped her carriage as Weaver waved to her.

“Oh my, are you two alright?” Ryven asked, looking at the exhausted Fast.

“Somewhat. We were journeying to see the Witch Queen. My friend here has a message for her.” Weaver explained.

“Hm...I was just going there, too. I plan on trying to convince her that this massive land grabbing and Pyknic Arms hunting is not good for her people or kingdom.”

“That's...a bold proposal...” Fast grunted, trying to keep her stance.

“I know, but I have this to help her listen.” Ryven then shined the pendant she received from Dame.

“That's-!” Fast gasped, her energy suddenly revived.

“Huh? Something wrong?” Ryven blinked. “A close friend of mine gave me this as a free pass to the Witch Queen. Unless you two have something better, this will give us clear access to have an audience with her.”

“G-Great idea...” Fast stammered. Deep down, she recognized that item as she had the exact same one in her possession. An item that belonged to her Mother...

Ryven then allowed the girls a ride with Zoe already occupying the inside. The red headed archer had been sleeping within her cushioned seat but stirred away when the two newcomers came aboard.

“Eh? Who are you two?”

“My name's Weaver and this is Fast.”

“I'm Zoe and I guess you met Ryven?” The ginger girl said with a chuckle.

“Indeed. Like you two, we're going to try to convince the Queen to stop her current campaign.”

“Sounds like a tall ord-”

“I already said that.” Fast interjected. Zoe got the message as the two exchanged glares, Weaver then intervened, pulling Fast back to her seat. Ryven, already sensing the tension, simply rolled her eyes and mushed the horses along.

As night approached, the girls had finally made it to Ireyla's castle. The ivory tower covered in leafy vines that gave off a mystic vibe stretched high into the sky, almost out of the girls' line of sight. But as they got there, a troop of knights rushed in while another platoon quickly cut them off.

“I'm sorry ma'am, you can't come any further.”

“May I ask why not?”

The knight paused before answering Ryven. “The Queen is under attack. We advice you stay in the common district and wait a few months while this matter is settled.”

“A few months!?” Fast and Zoe blurted out.

“ you can tell from my friends' reaction, that won't do. But if you can, may I ask who or what is attacking the Queen?”

“Well from the rumors, it seems another royal. We don't know what her motives are, but her skills are...deadly to say the least...”

“Very well, we will turn back then.”


“I'm sorry Zoe but we can't risk it. Whatever has the Witch Queen on edge certainly will be more than what we can handle...”

“But what about my-? Wait, where's Fast!?” Zoe gasped as the tan girl had vanished.

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Bug RE: Pyknic Arms
Fast had used her sword's super speed to bypass the barricades and storm the castle. She figured, if she did save the Queen from the supposed threat, then she would have no choice but to listen to what she had to say. Luckily, the castle door was open as she sprinted through like a blur. The practically still moving knights saw no trace of Fast until she stopped in the main throne room where the battle took place. Once there, Fast sprinted again as a thin sword was raised in the air while a powerful beam was ready to meet it head on.

Fast activated her Arm which greatly increased her speed. She became a rushing blur and threw herself into the fray. Without thinking, she tackled the sword wielder out of harm's way as they both tumbled across the courtroom.

“You fool, I had her!” An authoritative voice barked. The sight of the Witch Queen was something Fast hadn't prepared for. Sure, she had seen large women in her life, even herself but the Kruszevyanian ruler's girth was beyond the tan swordswoman's imagination. She was as wide as about four people, her hips the bane of doorways and possibly her throne as well. Milk white skin with thin curly tresses of golden locks cascaded down to her thick neck with multiple chins running down her face. She was dressed in in a red regal top with yellow stitching and a pasty great belly oozing on her lap and a bed sheet dress with hints of her blubber covered legs holding her stature up.

Fast was awestruck at how big this ruler was, so much so, she almost forgot about the attacker. At the last minute, she managed to parry the attack, getting a good look at the troublemaker. A blonde, just like the Witch Queen but her skin was a chocolate brown hue. She was husky like the Queen, but more in the mid-200 range like Weaver. She wore a blue mini-dress with a white decorative skirt rim, ringed boots and jeweled arm-guards. Her hair was spiked up with a jeweled tiara across her forehead and her sword was a black bladed cutlass. “ can keep up~”

The white coated Fast gasped as the woman backed off, smirking as she made her getaway.

“After her! After her!” Ireyla howled, pointing in the blue clad woman's direction. Compelled, Fast began to run after her, only to be tripped by heavy roots that sprouted from the floor. “No, not you...I need to have a word with you...”

The rest of the party were invited to the throne room as Fast was then released from the root restraints the Queen had placed her in. The Witch Queen had been brought up to speed of the group's intentions and was a little more informed about the special weapons that had become a hot topic.

“Well, though I am humbled that outsiders would journey all this way to help me, I'm afraid my mind is made up. I will continue to expand my empire and hunt the Pyknic Arms.”

“Your Majesty!” Ryven pleaded.

“Hey, I just saved your butt, lady! At least hear us out!” Fast blurted but soon retracted as the blonde royal gave her a piercing glare.

“As I said, I am not changing my mind. You especially should know how important it is to collect these items so that they cause less trouble. If what you told me is true, then this 'Wyrm' will be no match for my knights when or if she does come.”

“That's just it, you're playing into her plan!”

“Then what do you suggest we do?”

“I told you; give the Arms to people that deserve them.”

Ireyla chuckled. “That's rich. You mean give them to the criminals, the rag wearers that live on the outer bounds of my kingdom?”

“You mean those type of people YOU created?”

The Witch Queen glared at the swordswoman as Fast gave the same glance. “I should cut your tongue out for the lashings you've been spewing. If anything, I find you worse than that other Queen who attacked me...”

“Who is she, anyway? Weaver asked, trying to ease the tension.

“Similar to your friend, she is also a person who seems bent on liberating the Arms from me. She parades around my territories, spreading lies about how greedy I am and about the Arms being cursed. Yet, I am certain she wields one about hypocrisy.”

“Don't you?” Fast asked.

“I do not. You see, I have been chosen by nature itself to run this kingdom. With the power of the Earth itself aiding me, I can call upon the elements, trees and whatever else roams this planet to solve my problems. But with that Queen, it appears that she can avoid almost anything I throw at her. If it weren't for my ability to track her as she ran across the floor, I might have-” The blonde Witch Queen then stopped herself to cough.

“But at least consider our suggestions. We may be outsiders, but from our experience in your land, we've noticed not even the common man can get to your keep.” Ryven explained. “Even your Round Knights, who have undying loyalty to you, are feeling the pressures of your vast conquest. Dame-”

“So THAT'S who has been causing trouble, eh!?”

“N-No your Majesty!” Ryven denied, holding her hands up. “Dame Layard helped me and Zoe escape the town your troops attacked. We even managed to recover the Arm that was stolen from you.”

“Oh? And where is it?” Zoe's head propped up as she slowly backed away. Ireyla narrowed her gaze as Fast stepped in front of the red headed archer. “You again...”

“Queen Ireyla, with all do respect, all we are trying to do is help you and your land. Do you think we'd be standing here talking each others ears off if we didn't believe what you we've seen was wrong or selfish? We are trying to be civil here, but I know as Queen the final say is yours but you are trending on tyrant with this attitude!”

“YOU INSOLENT-!” The armored guards surrounded the girls at Ireyla's raised tone. Fast and Zoe immediately drew their weapons as an intense stand-off had begun.

“No, no...this isn't how it was supposed to go...” Ryven frowned.

“Hey kid...Fast is it? Lay down your weapon...” Zoe whispered. “I...We will give them our Arms.”

“Are you crazy!?”

“No, smart. She wants these things, right? But she also wants her kingdom to be safe. Trust me, we give them our Arms, let Ryven and Weaver talk her down and we take a nice time out.”

“...Time out?”

Once again, Fast was bound in a twisted contortion of roots. Only this time, she and Zoe were in the castle dungeon awaiting judgment and had been stripped of their Pyknic Arms.

“Way to go...”

“Calm it, metal head. Ryven's got this.” The archer assured. “As far as I know, she's buddy-buddy with one of the Queen's knights. There is no way Ireyla would upset her elite guards, they are the ones who get in closest proximity with her, she views them like family.”

“And how do you know all this?”

“I know how monarchies work, especially this kind. No kids, no King, Witch Queen is super lonely and treasures the people that actually talk to her.”

Fast blinked, convinced but also bewildered by Zoe's knowledge. But sure enough, the dungeon room door opened and the roots uncoiled from the two prisoners. On the other side of the door, the two massive mages and Ireyla stood, awaiting the two Arms wielders.

“We have come to an agreement.” Ryven announced.

“So, as it were, your party works for me now. Since my Knights are spread thin, hunting down Arms and further expanding my territories, I need you three to clean up the messes in my kingdom.” Ireyla explained.

“Wait a minute! We work for you now!?”

“Fast, please...” Weaver pleaded. “This is the only thing we could settle with Queen Ireyla. Basically, she has gotten reports of...trouble in her territories. We agreed that we would help those situations as most are the result of a Pyknic Arm in the wrong hands.”

“So, we're fixing your mistakes!?”

“Call it what you want child, but it is I who spared you from a fate worse than death.”

“You mean after I saved your life!?” Fast retorted. “You said it yourself, you couldn't even keep up with that other woman's movements!

“That is exactly why I am sparing you and giving you this task. Consider it a second chance.”

Fast's face tensed up, but a hand on her lap from Weaver and from on her shoulder from Zoe calmed her down. “What are you two-?”

“Look, this is the best we can manage. Though we didn't totally convince her, she is still letting us find better wielders for the Arms..technically.” Zoe counseled.


“You can't win every fight, Fast.” Weaver lectured.

“All right, fine...we'll take the deal...”

“Very good. Though I would prefer Ryven be with you, she has to finish her pilgrimage to the Citadel City in the west in order to complete her training as an Archmage. Your first assignment will be in the morning as will be the return of your Arms. Until then, drink and be merry but don't leave the castle and I expect you all to be back in the throne room by tomorrow afternoon.” Ireyla then dismissed the girls, Fast giving her another dirty look before joining her friends. Unknown to the tan swordswoman, her pendant had slipped out her pocket.

The Witch Queen summoned a root to bring it to her palm to examine it. Her eyes grew wide as the item was identical to the pendant Ryven had shown her earlier. No doubt it was Dame Layard's crest, but the Queen recalled only giving a single pendant to each of her knights. It was a symbol that allowed a loved one to have full access to the castle, but why did Fast have it?

A sated sighed echoed though the banquet room as the trio enjoyed an evening feast. The electric blue haired Weaver rubbed her swollen middle with her round belly pressed against the room of her long skirt, having parted her orange vest as her pale belly sat between the two articles of clothing.

Zoe was near passed out as she held a drumstick in her hand while she nibbled on it slowly. Her own gut sitting comfortably full on her lap, her thighs a bit bigger and digging into her brown shorts. Her breasts already weighing down and straining her tunic while forcing her cloak apart.

But the only one audible was Fast who was practically swallowing everything on her plate. The sandy haired swordswoman was eating with a vigor, only taking breaks to breath as she gorged on the ham slices, hearty mutton chunks and whatever high carbohydrate dish closest to her. Her ravenous hunger already had her belt sash sink into her growing front but she ignored the pain to make up for the lost calories she used throughout the day.

But eventually, all three girls suffered a well deserved food coma as each didn't even make it out the room before passing out. The closest was Zoe who fell unconscious right at the exit of the room, leaving Weaver face planted on the table while seated and Fast under the table.

When Ireyla arrived to check on the girls, she regrettably shook her head. 'This is going to be a disaster...' She thought as her blue deer companion trotted in. It then licked Zoe's face as the archer giggled, her face red with several empty wine bottles still at the dining table.

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RE: Pyknic Arms
Aided by a decorative carriage to haul them all to the farming district, the girls arrived in the district Aileron, best known for its large farms that fed the entire kingdom. Ireyla's orders were for the girls to quell a so called rebellion that seemingly had the farmers horde some of the food they harvested. From the looks of things, the people seemed happy and contempt with their way of life, not even batting an eyes at the party when they dismounted in the midst of the rural community.

“This is...a nice change of pace.” Weaver exhaled.

“Don't be too sure...they may just be scoping us out.” Zoe warned. “Let's find that knight and see what exactly is going on.”

“She is probably at the city hall building with the Mayor. No doubt those two have their hands full keeping the piece.” Weaver concluded. “Let's ask around and see where it is, shall we?”

After consulting with a few patrons, the trio quickly discovered the social taboo within Aileron's territory. Often times, they were met with sneers or brushed off when asking something related to the Witch Queen or the supposed knight in the area. Eventually, they were told where the Mayor was but not before Fast's patience began to wane.

“What is with these people!? Sure, the Witch Queen isn't the best but she IS providing protection!” The tan knight vented.

“Much like you, I doubt these people like much authority looming over them.” Zoe said. “That being said, you two can go see the mayor, I'll scout around and see what's really going on.”

“Y-You sure? Maybe it will be better if we stick together.” Weaver proposed, twisting one of her curly blue locks. “I mean, we did just tell some citizens our affiliation and it doesn't appear they like Kruszevya...”

“No one does!” Fast snapped. “But it would be best to not be out in the open so much. Go on Zoe, Weaver and I will talk to the mayor.”

“Just don't screw it up, okay guys? I think Weaver should talk, less you both want to end up in prison again.”

“Very funny, now get going!” Fast barked while the ginger archer giggled and separated from the group.

Fast and Weaver made haste to the mayor's office where they came face to face with a fair skinned gentlemen. He had lithe build, short white hair and his chest was exposed as he wore an open rainbow colored robe with brown sandals along with a set of large prayer beads around his neck.

“Greetings, travelers!” He said with open arms, soon wrapping them around Weaver. “My, my. When the villagers said a few fair maidens had joined us, I didn't expect ones of such, splendor~”

“Oh...thank you....” The electric blue haired mage blushed.

Fast was, less than impressed as she caught the fat comment. “Not really chubby by choice, sir...”

“Oh? Then is there a deeper meaning?”

“Yes but I rather not say. But what I can say, is that we are from Krus, sent here by the Witch Queen to investigate a rising rebellion. From what Queen Ireyla told us, you guys have been holding out and she sent a knight here to see about it. She's worried they haven't returned.”

“I see. And do either of you have any proof or evidence that make any of these claims true? You do know we USED to be an independent land made up of farmers until that woman came in and took over.”

“Yes, we know Queen Ireyla has been on an aggressive campaign but we can consult her.” Weaver promised. “Just please, tell us where the knight is so we can get her side and report back.”

“There is no knight.” The mayor proclaimed.

“Really!? But then why did she send us here?”

“To be the knights and ransack the place...” Fast concluded. “The Witch Queen wanted us to use our powers to strike fear into these people...but we're not going to do that.”

“Right. We are more ambassadors, not thugs. We are going to have a stern talking to with Ireyla when we get back.”

“A wise decision, girls.” The white haired man bowed. “Oh, how rude of me. All this talk of politics and you never even learned my name. Lester Gardner.”

Fast snickered at the potential pun, prompting Weaver to nudge her shoulder. “Pleasure to meet you Mr. Gardner. I am-”

“Weaver and Fast.” Both girls gasped at the rainbow robe man's quickness.

“How did you-!?”

“Word spreads like wildfire here, my dear Fast. As farmers, we use communication to past the time. In fact during this entire conversation, I'm pretty sure the town knows of you two and your archer companion.”

Fast glared at Lester, but Weaver intervened, turning the swordswoman away. “Well, in any case it has been nice knowing you, Mayor Gardener. We will find Zoe and just be on our way to talk to the Queen.”

“I bid you all safe travels, then.” Lester waved as the girl departed. The white haired man then sighed, dropping his friendly demeanor. “Those girls are going to be more trouble than they are worth...follow them and make sure you get the gauntlet from the knight and the archer.” Lester referred to someone hidden within the room.

“Heh, and here I thought I was the elephant in the room.” The unseen person smirked. “In any case, I'll make sure those three don't set foot out of town, just like the knight.”

“Be on your guard, Morinth. The knight was no easy task to hide and I doubt those three are as slow.”

Zoe stuck to the back corners and alleyways of the farm district. She quickly picked up that this was a town of gossip and loose lips. While the others were being tricked by the mayor, she figured she would do her own investigation. The Sun began to set, which meant work in the fields was about to end. Next, she saw a parade of farmers appear from over the horizon. No doubt the workers, smeared in dirt, she blended among them after dirtying her own garments and hiding her Pyknic gauntlets within her cloak. Unveiling herself with her hood, Zoe's face was soot covered and hard faced like the rest as most crowded a local tavern.

No stranger to pubs and bars, Zoe infiltrated with no suspicion and sat down among a small group of farmers. “Evening gentlemen.”

“Nice try archer, we know who you are...” One of the more burly patrons spoke and took a sip of ale. “You're workin' fer dat bitch Queen, you and two of your not-so-little friends.”

“Then I guess you know why I'm here...”

“You want to know about da knight, don'tcha?”

“Look, I don't want any trouble. The Queen just wanted us to get her back.”

“Is that so?”

“Promise. As an act of good faith, here.” Zoe then placed her bow on the table, still keeping her gauntlet hidden. “What's an archer without a bow...or arrows for that matter?”

The men bent back to look around, seeing that indeed that was Zoe's only weapon. “What's your angle, kid?”

“Much like you, the Bitch Queen has me under her thumb. My friends and I just want to do a job and be free.”

“Tch, you do realize she will squeeze every essence out of you so she can do less work?”

“Even so, at least I'm not trying to die by the end of a pitchfork...”

One of the farmers took one last gulp as he and the rest, along with Zoe left the bar. She followed them to a rather unkempt piece of land where the grass was browning and dead with dry dirt patches spread across the field.

“What's all this?”

“The land...dying.” The lead cultivator said with a stern look. “That woman is demanding more and more food, forcing us to break our rotation of farmland. With the increase, it is over taxing the land and killing it off. The mayor can use his magic beads to restore it but we wanted to use this as evidence, should her subordinates like you, come here and assume we're holding out.”

“That is terrible but...where's the knight?”

“Over there.” The farmer pointed to a lone tree with a large figure embedded inside.

“What the hell!?”

“Relax, she's fine. The mayor infused her with the tree since none of our holds could well...hold her.”

“P-Protect...the innocent....crush...crush the wicked...” The knight panted, a majority of her body one with the thick arbor save her a dangling leg, her right arm and head. With a Sun beaten tan, clad in ornate armor of silver with red accents, her matching helm masking her features save for the dirty blonde that graced her shoulders. Zoe was awestruck at the sheer magnitude of her stature. Seven and a half feet with a width of at least three people, and a girth assumed to be well over 700 pounds.

“ she okay?”

“Can't say fer sure. She's been chanting that same damn thing ever since she was put there. We placed her here as a reminder of what the Queen is doing to our land.”

“A bit cruel, don't you think?”

“She attacked us, first. She's one of those loyal types that take orders without considering other factors.”

“Fair enough...seems she and I have nothing in common.” The red headed archer beamed and flashed a knife from her sleeve. She stuck the lead farmer in the hip and then rushed the worker who was carrying her bow. As two more farmers attacked, Zoe activated her Pyknic Arm and fired two energy arrows, knocking them out. “I always consider the factors when taking orders...the rare chance I do.”

“ wench!” The lead farmer cursed, writhing on the floor. “Y-You think you're so clever! You know how tight knit this town is, huh!? You think your little rescue is going to get far!?”

“Considering I didn't kill any of you, yes. Now, tell me how to get her out of this tree.”

“Bite me!”

“Right, I should have asked before stabbing you...Shit, now what?” Zoe then snapped her fingers, arriving at a quick answer. “Say, Weaver knows magic junk, I'll just get her here...that is, if Fast hasn't gotten them arrested...or worse.”

The moment Zoe darted off, a whistle echoed through the night sky. She paused since she realized it came from the farmer she downed. It was a signal, one that ratted the trio out as loyalist to the Witch Queen. Her urgency to find her friends then became all the more dire when swarms of armed farmers started to flood the streets.

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RE: Pyknic Arms
Fast activated her sword while in the midst of the rioting farmers. Her and Weaver were encircled by the mob, all with various gardening tools pointed at them.

“Why are you all doing this!?” Weaver whimpered, huddling close to her friend.

“Isn't it obvious? They found us out...”

“Dogs of the Witch Queen!”

“Tell your oppressive leader we don't want to be ruled by her anymore!”

“Why let them live? Let's send them back to her with their heads!”

“No please, don't do that!” Weaver pleaded with her hands cupped together.

“Heh, Weaver...don't lose your head just yet~” Fast mocked.

“THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR JOKES, THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL US!” The tattooed mage screamed, her markings soon illuminated fiercely.

“All right, all right...cut the light show!” Fast begged, covering her eyes as did the rest of the mob.

“This is a HIGH stressful situation and you're making jokes!”

“Look, all these people are scared. If they truly wanted to kill us, they would have by now.”

“Or maybe we're just sportsman and not savages like those at the kingdom.” A stout brunette said, waddling through the crowd. With layered chocolate hair that dangled down to her cherubic cheeks and the rest tied in a tight ponytail. She was much larger than Fast or Weaver, a hefty pear shaped body, peach colored skin dressed in a green tunic with mail riddled across her front and brown shorts with tan footwear. She was also in possession of a decorative gauntlet, similar to those with a Pyknic Arm.

“So, there's a chance for us getting out of here alive?”

“Possibly, a slim one but a possible chance.”

“Then step up and let's get this over with!” Fast demanded, already taking the hint.

“Quick to the trigger, aren't we?” Morinth then paused, getting a better look at the tan knight. “ look familiar...”

“Yeah, I get that a lot now come on!”

“...Aren't you curious as to who you remind me of?”

“At the moment, I am surrounded by dozens of angry farmers who want to kill me and a mage who is beside herself with fear, not to mention a bitchy witch Queen waiting for me back at her kingdom. So no, not caring at the moment.”

“Very well...” Mornith accepted and summoned a spear from her gauntlet.

“A Pyknic Arm!?”

“Surprised? These weapons are what the Queen is after, no? What better way to topple her, than with the very tools she seeks to control us with?”

“No, you don't understand! There's more to those things than you and the Queen know!”

“Is that so? Well, I know mine can do, this!” Mornith shot forward with her spear, unleashing a wind tunnel straight into Fast's torso. Caught in the draft, the white jacket swords woman spiraled across the street.

“Fast, oh no!” Weaver panicked, running to her friend and helping her up. “A-Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah...just caught off guard...Listen, Weaver...I want you to run the first chance you get...Find Zoe...and the knight...”

“But what about you?”

“I'll catch up. I can make quick work of this fool...” Fast's weak smile didn't seem to convince the tattooed mage so Fast shoved her aside. “I said go!” Weaver still hesitated with Fast's order, so the tan girl darted forward, meeting Morinth's parry that set off a sonic blast that knocked her back and a few of the onlookers. There was now a clear path to the farming grounds. “GO!” Fast barked again, prompting Weaver to move.

The crowd watched in awe as the marked caster sprinted with her hands holding up her long skirt in order not to trip. Fast aided her escape by attacking Morinth, prompting another wind shield to bounce her backwards.

“Not too bright, are you?”

“Brighter than the damn Sun!” Fast retorted, bringing up her sword. “I was just allowing my friend to get away, she's not exactly the combat type, so I don't want her to see this beating I'm going to give you!”

“Confident, I like that. Will make it all the more better when I knock you and that Witch Queen off your high horse!”

“Then stop talking and start knocking!”

The two Arms wielders clashed over and over. Each time a burst of wind rang out, pushing the farmers away. Their fight soon escalated and they fought across the city. Fast tripped behind a kiosk which Morinth blasted it to bits, revealing Fast to had vanished. “What the-!?”

“Surprised?” Fast retorted, appeared behind Morinth with a vertical slash to her back.

The spear woman stumbled forward, collapsing on one knee. “So...this is the ability your Arm gave you...”

“Yup, I was just holding back to let Weaver escape.”

“ think you're clever, don't you? But I bet...unlike my ability, yours is much more taxing on your body!” Morinth quickly turned around, shooting another wind tunnel. Fast quickly dodged and slashed at the blubbery brunette's shoulder, toppling her on her back. “D-Damn it!” She cursed, now Fast standing over her with her ivory blade inches from her face.

“To answer your question, yes I think I am pretty clever, especially for some damn farmers.”

“Don't you dare look down on us! We're the one feeding that blonde hippo's gullet!”

“That may be and she is a bitch, I can't deny but sometimes, you have to bite the bullet. She had admitted to us she has bit off more than she could chew and the kingdom is suffering. So, she hired us to fix it. But if you keep going on like this and trying to kill everyone associated you-AAH!”

Fast's body soon jolted as electricity shocked her body. She collapsed to the side while Morinth looked on to see the mayor arrive on the scene with his prayer beads rotating around him.

“M-Mayor Gardner!”

“At ease, Morinth. But didn't I tell you not to underestimate them?”

“I-I know sir, but...”

“No excuses. The mage has escaped and the archer is still on the loose. No doubt they are going to try and free that other knight in the fields so let-!” The mayor paused to see Fast had vanished as well. “Where'd she go!?”

“Sir, she has an Arm that allows her to move at incredible speeds!” Morinth explained.

“Damn, maybe the others have Arms, too! Come on, round the villagers and meet me at in the fields. We'll make sure those four meet their graves there!”

Already in the midst of the cultivated fields, Weaver slowed down after the adrenaline had began to wear off. The tattooed mage wiped her moist brow and rubbed her burning thighs. “I'm not cut out for this...” She sighed, dropping to her knees.

“Weaver!” Zoe cried out, seeing her pal in the distance.

“Zoe!” The blue haired caster celebrated, her spirits revived when she ran to hug the red head. “You're still alive!”

“So are you!...Does that mean Fast is dead?”

“” Before Weaver could answer, a rush of wind brushed past both of them, leaving the collapsed body of Fast at their feet. “Oh, there she is...”

“Glad to are all alive...” The swords woman panted.

“Eh, right...sorry guys, this is my fault. I followed a trail that led me to the knight who came here and triggered the town to turn into a mob...” Zoe shrugged. “But the knight is trapped in a tree and we have to get her out!”

“ a tree?” Weaver repeated, helping Fast to her feet.

“Just follow me and see for yourself!” Weaver nodded and helped Fast along the path to the withered farmland. Sure enough, Zoe's claim was true and the trio gathered around the imprisoned giantess.

“Whoa, she's big...” Fast awed.

“Protect...the innocent...crush...the wicked...”

“And she repeats that line over and over...” Zoe mumbled. “So Weaver, know anything about this?”

“Seems like a Druid spell, nature based. This is a curse, to feel the same pain one has caused nature itself...could she have done this to the land?”

“Does it matter?” Zoe shot back.

“Yes, since if she is truly guilty, she has to escape after learning her lesson.”

“Damn, I don't know if she did it or not! Can you her?”

“I'll try.” Weaver then approached the tree, placing her hands on it and as usual, her markings began to glow.

In the distance, the murmur of the farming mob grew and the lights of their torches lit the night sky. “Come on, Weaver!”

“I'm trying!” She snapped but soon sighed as she let go of the arbor. “It' use...”

“!” Zoe fretted. “This can't be happening! We're going to end up just like her, or worse!”

“Why are you so concerned about this knight, anyway?” Fast asked.

“I-I just am, okay!? Nothing worse than getting in trouble for following orders...” Fast and Weaver looked at Zoe curiously then the former approached the tree, stabbing her sword into it. “What are you doing?!”

“Aging the tree. If we free her, she can be a huge help, literally.” Fast applied her speed enhancement from her sword to the tree. Sure enough, it began to wither with the rapid aging and lack of water and sunlight. The group then backed away as the large knight began to shift, and one good arm swing freed her from her restraints.

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