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[split] Quality vs Quanity - the state of expansion art
04-04-2015, 01:58 AM
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RE: [split] Quality vs Quanity - the state of expansion art
Another thing I want to bring up is consistency in artist. Now, the argument can be made that inconsistency is just a part of drawing, 'inspiration' and 'fatigue' are real things artist go through and sometimes even real life takes (and it should) priority.

However...wouldn't notifying your commissioners be an act of decency? Too many times, the issue of communication between artist and those who commission/request pictures from them comes up and is quickly shot down by shallow rebuttals. For lack of a better word, I feel some artists have goon squads and hug boxes that save them from the kick in the ass they need to handle their creed as seriously as they say they do. Along with being saved from criticisms, they are saved from responsibilities and the sting of loss that should make a person want to do better. Instead, they are spoiled by the E-fame and hivemind that makes them think they are untouchable and do no wrong, hence when one asks for a commission that the artist themselves said they would take, the commissioner might get ignored, their pic not the way they wanted with no evidence of a work in progress given to them and in the end, the commissioner is called ungrateful or a bad person despite the artist getting what they want (the money) and the commissioner dissatisfied and having to take the loss or even worse and sadly more common, the artist disappearing with the person's money.

But there is a flip side to this: abusive commissioners. We all know who they are, and what they do. From taking up multiple slots of an artist's queue, to asking for a dozen re-draws and secretly saving the 'mistakes' as a sort of free sequence while essentially paying for one picture, to not even being satisfied with the finished product or even a request. Requests within themselves, I will agree the artist has no full obligation and can dismiss them, but then that begs why open requests in the first place instead of maybe asking specific people like friends? But commissioners do have to exhibit from patience and control as well. They have to realize the artist is a person with limits and preferences. "Making them go out their comfort zone" isn't always a good thing as there are usually personal reasons artists don't draw certain subjects and there is always an artist willing to draw a subject another may not be inclined to.

Artists should also know their limits when it comes to commissions BEFOREHAND such as how much work load they can do, give an estimate in times when they will complete their commissions and so on. New limits can pop up at the artist's discretion but too many at once shows poor management and ethics on the artist's part.

The obvious ego issue that puts up 'You must be this popular to talk to me' is another concern. While the masses as a whole is dumb and it is wise to pick and choose who you associate with, it should be based on if you would get along with that person, not how popular they are. Too many times, I've seen new artists get swept up in a clique and seemingly unable to associate with others due to some unspoken rule. Rumors and such are spread that paint other artists in a bad light thanks to a previous and shallow grudge due to a small disagreement.

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