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[split] Quality vs Quanity - the state of expansion art
03-29-2015, 10:46 PM
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RE: Spam Thread
(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  Because what you call "jokes" are just insufferable blither when we should be having a serious conversation.

Dude, get over it. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean you get to dismiss the chance at a serious conversation. It's the fact that you don't simply just ignore it, but actually call it out as a means to dismiss me is the reason I think you are butt hurt about it. It was a crappy jab at your taste, chill.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  It's one thing when you're just drawing pictures to entertain yourself, it's a whole nother thing to draw disproportionate wrongly shaped monstrosities and think it's good on just its merits of being a drawing of a fat character for an area that's about visually appealing pictures. There is a reason you don't see weird proportions and styles outside of a museum while tv, comics, and games stick to making them aesthetically appealing except for anything heavily focused on comedy, almost every single active artist isn't trying to make something funny, they didn't go into this thinking they're gonna make a lot of artsy stuff, they went in planning on making fetish fuel for people to wank off to and if they can't make something pleasing to the eyes by getting a better handle on their skills, they shouldn't be called anything beyond shit and should fuck off. You can call whatever festering piece of shit you find on DA art, but in no amount of the word is it good fetish art.

While I do agree a majority isn't really good, you can't really say you are the ultimate judge on what's good or not. Don't act like DA is the only cesspool of art that gets tons of views and what not. What we have to understand is that porn is porn and no one really has a standard to what they fap to. As much as I would like to critique and admire a fat of she piece while in a tuxedo, sipping wine as it hangs from my fireplace mantel, let's be real here. We are arguing over the anatomy and legitimacy of fictional fat female characters.

In my own illusions of grandeur, I do want to sort of have fat art sort of hit the main stream and be in movies, video games and cartoons and be treated as the norm, but I know doing it through porn is not really the best way to do it or if it is even going to happen.

What you have to realize is that everyone draws to a different degree and not everyone will suit your tastes. Not all your dreams and aspirations will me realized through other people no matter how much you yell at them.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  Every god damn time....
This idiotic argument can easily be rebutted by just saying that's what paying artists is for but there's so few good and they're all proficient only in one body part while being cutesy or close to realistic. Not everybody has the patience or time so they do the only thing they can do, spend money on it but it's entirely way too hard to come by anyone with the right combo.

For me it's a case of my own art it's a disinterest, the fact I've grown disenchanted from this community. The most I've done in a long while has been random drawing, posting random plot ideas, and one bout of stupid shit filled with using a characters name over and over as a reference to their weight. I never put myself on a fucking pedestal, I look at my work like I look at anyone else, everyone seems to think I see myself better for some reason. I mean, cept for you, Buttfucker, and Bonerhoe.

And every critic and defender of this even stupider rebuttal is just as eternal. It's a vicious cycle. You try to deflect the fact that you project your own short comings as a content creator on actual content creators. In truth, the artists/creators owe nothing to us as a community. They can pack up one day and tell us to fuck off and they would be completely in the right to do so.

I don't mind if someone tells an artist to do better, but realize not everyone likes being called shit for making mistakes that take time and practice to fix. People like you seem to be on this fantasy ride that telling a shit artist (which is subjective within itself) that to 'Git Gud' would magically make them not shit and in a small amount of time. Hell, even the ones that are considered good still get messages about how much people hate their style, they draw the same size/face and what have you.

Critique has gotten to be this passive aggressive shit slinging campaign that is just people too lazy/scared to put their necks out there and settle for just taking it out on others. Or even worse, subjective reviews of 'I don't like how they draw this' and claim it to be some pseudo intellectual fact of art.

If you want something done right, do your damn self. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink it. You get what I am saying, homie?

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  Then fucking tell them what's wrong.
...You do realize I haven't shat on anyone on DA in years?
Same tier if not lower
That's because my taste is platinum compared to yours, even with the few scuffs here and there.

Here's the thing Chaos, most times when I get a commission, the artist gives me a WIP and I usually ask for a few changes. It's a thing called communication and actually talking to people, you know?

And I already know of Robot's and Debulover's cases. I talk to Debu more about other things than art. If anything, he has somehow gotten worse at his earlier stuff was pretty decent, can't say what happened there.

Yes, your tastes are platinum and mind bottom tier...yay? I have shit taste and I will own that, can we move on now?

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  You do realize a chunk of that list has been in this community almost if not longer than me, they're never going to change and shouldn't get any kind of support just for that simple fact. Owl does near shit level fats but I am interested in what will become of him with how much money he's charging to make a living out of it, will he get good or will he end up phoning it in.

I already know that but you have to realize that people aren't perfect. They plateau, cookie cutter and just plain stay at a plain sometimes. Hell, all artists are like that at one point, they get at a comfortable position and draw similar figures...I think it's called a 'style.' It may not be up to your standard but again, they don't owe you shit and you don't owe them the time of day. You can suggest legit ways of getting better but if they aren't going to listen, at a certain point there is no use in wasting your breath and you can just wipe your hands clean of them. Just fucking walk away and stop trying to control people through your imaginary standard.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  There's a difference with you though, you have spell checker, a dictionary in your mind and the ability to proof read slowly. I may be too harsh on artists but a writer that can't be damned to use any of that shouldn't be writing until they learn how to.

You know, I took this suggestion seriously, but like you've said in recent times, you don't even read my latest stuff and hate it anyway so what's the point in pleasing you? It's a thing to critique and give advice but when you don't even check up to see if the person has gotten better (in drawing, it is must easier because you know, visual and all) what's the point of taking your consideration to heart? Hell, you don't even say anything about the subjects of my writing, just the spelling an easy fix.

I know I make a lot of spelling and grammar errors, so do other writers. Just a simple 'Hey you misspelled this' doesn't really hold too well as a critique alone to say one's writing is bad. Hell, there are even typos in books.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  [Image: 7LrIksP.jpg?1]

The things I'd do to you would make Cenobites cringe.

As if you'd know what to do if you had all this~

[Image: YWbcc5U.gif]

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  And what has having no standards gotten us? An all time low of top tier artists from them all leaving or going cash shop leaving the still huge number of crap artists and people who have been mediocre for years at best, the only saving grace is sudden surge of people who start out good.

Top tier? Okay. Another factor that can be up to anyone's taste. I'm not saying you are wrong, but you have to realize that everyone interprets art differently and sure, not everything that is considered good is good in my eyes, but hey, it's popular, it's what people like. There's a thing called free will and people can lie and be manipulative to promote a crappy piece of work but not everyone is going to like it. Something being popular and something being good are two separate things.

Would I like more quality fat art? Sure, but I know it is most likely going to come from my own hand since I am not in everyone's head nor can I control their hands, especially not from a damn computer screen.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  Yes, but barely any with actual skill and most showing zero signs of desiring improvement. HAHAHAHHAH, TAD?! Since when has he done anything but coddle any fucker that would kiss his ass and defend shit artists like how you've been doing? You seem to forget a large enough number are tasteless kids who just found their love for this stuff and will grab and praise any little thing they see of their favorite characters. With them, it'll never change. Now that I think about it, I've meet more than I'd like to have ever known of grown asses with the same habits as them.

You honestly are no different. You aren't satisfied with anything as if the WG community actually owes you something. That is where the 'Holier than thou' from you comes from. You can ask for improvement from anyone and when it doesn't come the way you want, you whine and cry, blaming on the artists that they don't draw the way you want to. You are at liberty to call someone's art shit, but it doesn't make it necessarily true.

I can't stand some art styles like Bleedman, Jollyjack or styles similar to Genzomn or Wen-M. But you know what? I don't go out of my way to tell them or consider them shit because I don't owe them shit and they owe nothing to me. It may be different in your case since you are interested in WG art because you have some personal interest in seeing good fat of she, but if it ain't coming, it ain't coming. The best solution is to create your own for yourself and stop trying to find entertainment and satisfaction from others and have it fit your specific tastes/preferences.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  You can't be a Cowboybefat without repeatedly buying from the same artist while refusing to challenge them at least every now and then. And yet the only time I left, I got asked back. I haven't been posting here since it's been pretty dead. That just shows how little you know of the web.

You left at least twice and both was because you felt people weren't listening to you and were doing their own thing which you considered stupid. Trust me, I know more than I let on.

(03-29-2015 06:57 PM)Chaos Wrote:  I like Dae, Dope, Odin, Lizzy, Skipper, Kayana, and Wolf. I can enjoy Nemesis when he's not complaining about his life outside of the internet, only issues I have with Taff is when it comes to video games, and Neo when he's not being a hipster.

You, Alt, Madnezz, and Rakko can all go fuck yourselves.

But overall, everyone that was active for a while on the old site, I will always have a huge amount of resentment towards

Honestly, I don't hate you. More so, you are pretty much this:

[Image: 3e3.jpg]

No one can make mistakes, no one can lag behind, perfection right out of the gate or GTFO. And the only thing in common I see with the people you hate, is that each of us has asked you to: [Image: I_wanna_see_the_receipts.gif]

Of what you accomplished or what should we strive for when it comes to you putting your two cents on something. It's not to dismiss you but more, we want to know where you are coming from. Really, you only respond with more bouts of 'this is shit because I say so' which in itself speaks that you come from some moral critique higher ground painted gold which is actually 'Pulled out of my ass bullshit mountain.' In short, we critique your critique and you get butthurt.

You have this tendency to be harsh but with no true examples of what really satisfies you or a true reason as to why you hate it. You basically come off as a naysayer who doesn't want anyone to succeed because you can't. That might not be your case, but you exhibit all the symptoms of such a person. I think another thing is, we have different goals within the WG community.

While I want people to treat everyone better and more equally, you want more quality art. I'm not against your goals, but I think interaction between each other, not making fat art about business and competition but about a friendly space for people to share their odd kink with other strangers over the internet is just more important and CAN help with getting better art through other artist mentoring and sharing with one another without the wall of 'You must be this popular to talk to me' in the way.

[Image: chibi_illaoi_by_huly0w-d9hxwfl.jpg]
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