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[split] Quality vs Quanity - the state of expansion art
03-29-2015, 06:57 PM (This post was last modified: 03-30-2015 01:56 PM by Chaos.)
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RE: Spam Thread
(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  First off, the fact that you seem to be getting a bit worked up over a simple jab at a small trait/tendency you have is laughable within itself. I was just teasing you man, you of all people I would expect to realize how weak it was.

Because what you call "jokes" are just insufferable blither when we should be having a serious conversation.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Second, don't act like you or anyone on chans boards truly have a grasp on what is 'quality' when it comes to art. Because like I said, it is subjective at most and the fact that people do come back to these people does show their style is somewhat appealing. This community is shallow as hell and would ignore anyone on the tiniest thing.

It's one thing when you're just drawing pictures to entertain yourself, it's a whole nother thing to draw disproportionate wrongly shaped monstrosities and think it's good on just its merits of being a drawing of a fat character for an area that's about visually appealing pictures. There is a reason you don't see weird proportions and styles outside of a museum while tv, comics, and games stick to making them aesthetically appealing except for anything heavily focused on comedy, almost every single active artist isn't trying to make something funny, they didn't go into this thinking they're gonna make a lot of artsy stuff, they went in planning on making fetish fuel for people to wank off to and if they can't make something pleasing to the eyes by getting a better handle on their skills, they shouldn't be called anything beyond shit and should fuck off. You can call whatever festering piece of shit you find on DA art, but in no amount of the word is it good fetish art.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  If anything, critics like you, especially people like you Chaos, don't even have a standard in what they like and just like to bitch because that's all you can do. If you truly wanted better art, you'd do it your damn self instead of sitting on your imaginary throne of superiority like anything you made would have been immortalized in the annuls of time. If anything, what I love about you and people like you, is that you will praise this imaginary standard of 'fetish perfect' and compare the vague concept of your non-existent masterpiece and say that no artist, no matter what they do, they will never reach this standard.

Every god damn time....
This idiotic argument can easily be rebutted by just saying that's what paying artists is for but there's so few good and they're all proficient only in one body part while being cutesy or close to realistic. Not everybody has the patience or time so they do the only thing they can do, spend money on it but it's entirely way too hard to come by anyone with the right combo.

For me it's a case of my own art it's a disinterest, the fact I've grown disenchanted from this community. The most I've done in a long while has been random drawing, posting random plot ideas, and one bout of stupid shit filled with using a characters name over and over as a reference to their weight. I never put myself on a fucking pedestal, I look at my work like I look at anyone else, everyone seems to think I see myself better for some reason. I mean, cept for you, Buttfucker, and Bonerhoe.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Now, I am all for criticism and will argue some people take it too personally. But at a point, 'Git Gud' without telling the person how to do so is straight up harmful and a waste of time. It is half the reason these artists are stagnant and closing their doors because you keep pushing this imaginary standard. For me, as long as you are not like Butlova tier or something that resembles a five year old's refrigerator drawing, then I pretty much have no trouble with the way they draw. Heck, I will admit my taste in styles is broad and may not be liked by other but shit, I can't just as easily not like your tastes.

Then fucking tell them what's wrong.
...You do realize I haven't shat on anyone on DA in years?
Same tier if not lower
That's because my taste is platinum compared to yours, even with the few scuffs here and there.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Another thing is you are confusing defending support with defending. Of all the artists you listed, I support them in the hopes of them improving. Does Owl always produce quality WG work? No, he tends to do more hourglass, a shape I am personally not fond of, but of all his monster and male commissions he has done for me, those are some of my favorites. I really don't mind that the dude isn't perfect but he does practice sketches and does it anytime he can.

You do realize a chunk of that list has been in this community almost if not longer than me, they're never going to change and shouldn't get any kind of support just for that simple fact. Owl does near shit level fats but I am interested in what will become of him with how much money he's charging to make a living out of it, will he get good or will he end up phoning it in.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  People fucking up and being louder than others (including me for your argument's sake) is again you confusing support with defending. Again with Owlizard, I started to be more specific with what I ask him in terms of commissions as I noticed a lot of artists do interpret body types of the picture references I give them differently. But at the same time, I also give him some room to do what he feels best because I'm not a nitpicking asshole who believes in absolute perfection. Some people can and will make mistakes, including me.

And yes, I make A LOT of typos in my writing but since have shown people my stuff before I post it and even they can miss stuff. I really think you have a problem putting everything to a perfect standard that doesn't exist.

There's a difference with you though, you have spell checker, a dictionary in your mind and the ability to proof read slowly. I may be too harsh on artists but a writer that can't be damned to use any of that shouldn't be writing until they learn how to.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  But the main thing I want to touch on in your argument is that you say there is one artist that fits your criteria for good. Now let's say that's the standard you want everyone else to have. What if someone like me or even TAD hates that person's style and considers it flawed. Then what? Your gold standard is debunked due to subjective eyes because not everyone thinks/sees the same thing.

[Image: 7LrIksP.jpg?1]

The things I'd do to you would make Cenobites cringe.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Now the people I 'praise.' I'd do a complete list of why I like these artists and what they can improve, but you'd just dismiss it because it doens't fit your fake gold standard. But what I can say about these people (Even Robot001) is that they have the courage to actually put their shit out there to be publicly criticized. Now, does this mean they are immune from being told that they are bad? No, there are plenty of shit I hate that people love and I wouldn't be anymore of a jackass than you are for trying to make everyone agree to my standard and isolate people's works that I don't like.

And what has having no standards gotten us? An all time low of top tier artists from them all leaving or going cash shop leaving the still huge number of crap artists and people who have been mediocre for years at best, the only saving grace is sudden surge of people who start out good.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  You seem to forget that the community IS big enough to house a variety of tastes, styles and subjects. The problem with the WG community is that people like you and TAD try to minimize the choice, either through exclusivity or just driving out things that you don't like. What you two jackasses seem to forget, is the fact that simply ignoring this shit will have a better chance of it dying out. If it gets to the higher calibers and is criticized by the public and doesn't fit the majority standard rather than those of the minority, then it will die out, simple as that. Riding the hate-boner s only going to make the damn abomination grow and separating yourself when you can stop it yourself is the best option.

Yes, but barely any with actual skill and most showing zero signs of desiring improvement. HAHAHAHHAH, TAD?! Since when has he done anything but coddle any fucker that would kiss his ass and defend shit artists like how you've been doing? You seem to forget a large enough number are tasteless kids who just found their love for this stuff and will grab and praise any little thing they see of their favorite characters. With them, it'll never change. Now that I think about it, I've meet more than I'd like to have ever known of grown asses with the same habits as them.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  But who am I to disagree with master artist Chaos-Ace? I'm just a tasteless pleb who is the cowboybefat with OCs? I swear, every time I try to be decent with you, you turn into a blithering idiot who thinks his shit doesn't stink. You cry and whine and leave, only to come back because you really have no other place to go, nor other people who would read/listen/put up with your bullshit.

You can't be a Cowboybefat without repeatedly buying from the same artist while refusing to challenge them at least every now and then. And yet the only time I left, I got asked back. I haven't been posting here since it's been pretty dead. That just shows how little you know of the web.

(03-29-2015 05:33 AM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  Face it Chaos, you like us and the artist on the west side. You have every right to want the art to improve, but people have to improve at their own pace and have lives outside this shit so they might not Git Gud as quickly as you want them to be.

TL;DR Get fucked boi.

I like Dae, Dope, Odin, Lizzy, Skipper, Kayana, and Wolf. I can enjoy Nemesis when he's not complaining about his life outside of the internet, only issues I have with Taff is when it comes to video games, and Neo when he's not being a hipster.

You, Alt, Madnezz, and Rakko can all go fuck yourselves.

But overall, everyone that was active for a while on the old site, I will always have a huge amount of resentment towards

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