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[split] Quality vs Quanity - the state of expansion art
03-29-2015, 04:05 AM
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RE: Spam Thread
(03-28-2015 09:24 PM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  
(03-28-2015 03:15 PM)Chaos Wrote:  
(03-28-2015 01:05 PM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  But with the stuff Odin and Chaos have said, there is a drop in quality and communication among the lot who draw and even write fat art. Mostly cliques but out of survival more than exclusivity. We all grown apart for various reasons and can only survive THROUGH circle jerking and it hinders our talents as a whole.

[Image: ar6t4zl.gif]

It has nothing to do with survival, it's all fear and complacency through and through.

[Image: handle-the-truth.gif]

Except for the fact that instead of one elite clique, we have them at any tier, now? Hell, one of our own is even in a group of mid-tier peeps, so yeah, cliques in the name of survival are a thing. No one nowadays is going to give you the time of day unless you draw their wide waifu and even then, you may not get the criticism you want or need to improve.

Honestly, it is not just one reason but many why this community has gone to shit. Artist-Customer relations, people getting salty over not liking a drawing or an artist's style for a shallow reason, Customer's taking up multiple commission slots, artists taking on much more than they can do and so on.

Ah, thought you meant an artist and its followers but the point still stands since I've never actually seen anyone give any criticism even though they post a comment towards the picture.

Dude, a style shouldn't be going too far, the main point of this stuff is to be visually appealing unless you go for something entertaining which none of them do cept for like one person. Don't go for some artistic whoha if you're making shit for this community to monopolize on their sexual interests. It's stupid assholes like Bedbenders and her weak ass line work, that one artist and her huge ass witch schnauz, those who can't keep proportions worth a damn so it ends up looking like some kind of boneless monstrosity from a reality where humans evolved from slugs, the ones who have been around for a long time and still can't be bothered getting better, or all those new bastards who show no signs of ever getting better and keep on with drawing barely higher than rookie level. If you can't make an appealing face and/or body or isn't actively working towards it, you're shit, you have no style, you're just a lazy bastard, you have no skill, stop trying to make people think you can draw any better than exaggerated piss.

(03-28-2015 09:24 PM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  
(03-28-2015 01:05 PM)Aerial-Rave Wrote:  
(03-28-2015 11:14 AM)Chaos Wrote:  
(03-28-2015 10:21 AM)Ulfric Blackheart Wrote:  I....have a hard time arguing with that...It really does feel like the expansion community isn't really a community anymore.

The community thing may not be together as a whole, they're still tightly knit on their preferred sites, that's how everyone acts these days but I was talking about the fact no one wants better stuff and praises anyone that'll give them the time of day. We barely have anyone worth a shit now too.
Reminds me though, need to check 8Chans fatty boards.

Disclaimer: Chaos thinks Japanese artists are the best WG ones, despite the fact A LOT draw the same. Though he is not completely wrong, let's not remember that he is a bias weeaboo with decent taste.

[Image: EkMR4Rb.png]

[Image: latest?cb=20120409172803]

You're such a big baby sometimes. It was a joke and one with some truth in it. As Dae has said and I believe he is right, eastern and European artists to take their craft more seriously but let's not forget that styles like Crayon Shin-Chan are among some of those styles in the east. I still think there is a bias toward Japanese fatty art. Heck, you can clearly see some artist here in the west intimate it in their style.

Personally, while I will not argue western is any better or worse, there are clear examples of our boys being less than stellar in the art department and there is no argument. But also factor in, some artists and their supporters are not all right in the head and tend to be the loudest voices among us, so there's your push for crap pictures. It is our hand holding tendency that gets this stuff in because we don't want to shy anyone away with potential. You can argue whether or not if this is a good or bad thing, both have their pros and cons.

Personally, I am a little bit of Column A and B because subjectivity is a big factor in the entire debate but at the same time I am not afraid of telling some one to 'Git Gud.'

...Are replying to other posts bugged now?

A baby about what, it's a crappy as joke that only made you laugh and what truth? There's only one Japanese fatty artist I like that's still active, only anime I've bothered watching in months if not years was the original Sailor Moon series since my library got the first season and I remember it from my childhood, I read like one manga vol a year, I like Dragon Quest and hate Persona, what's so "some truth" about it?

And Crayon Shin-Chan is an anime aimed at children that was made for entertainment, not for physical attraction.

Still can't proof read your stuff...and they do it because they like the more cutesy exaggerated features.

People are louder than you and fucking everything up? Fucking fight them off instead of taking it in the ass, oh wait, that'd be problematic since you're one of them yourself.

I don't care if you give them a year or two to work and show some improvement but any longer and they're still not showing shit, don't fucking defend them like they're potential greatness.

Yeah, you'd totally not the type to praise the likes of Robot001, Zelda308, TheJiggly, Dragon-Storm, Moutain Chubby, Owlizard, NewStuff4U, Danyantto, AkaFa, Shinderafeh, AntiOxidated (such a waste of money and to abuse your OCs face in such a way? For shame), Debulover, Bedbenders, Saxxon, and from the looks of it, Grim Kun and his weird shaped inflation looking style. You'd surely tell them the areas you see they should work on, you'd never just fav it and give the ol criticismless post.

[Image: jgr4hdy.gif]

Get fucked you tasteless little dick licking sack of shit.
Talkin' bout not bein' afraid of "telling someone to 'git gud'", HAH, come back when you're not double digit ass kissing.

[Image: IPYo1Jk.jpg?2]
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