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I wrote a story. (non-wg)
06-15-2014, 01:09 PM
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RE: I wrote a story. (non-wg)
[Authors notes: Part two, shorter than the first but it is all I have so far. Whenever anyone gets around to reading this, I hope you enjoy. Questions and comments are welcome.]

Part II: The Death of Telemain d'Orien and birth of Telemain Krasskova

The crew turned out to be a sort of intertribal mercenary band for all of the Drow tribes of the continent of Xen'drik who worshiped Vulkoor, the Scorpian God of the Drow. They were hired by these tribes to reclaim sacred relics of Xen'drik which were looted by foolhardy would-be adventurers trying to make a name for themselves. Years passed aboard the ship, with Telemain quickly soaking up every scrap of information for both combat and lore, both of his patron and that of Drow culture and beliefs. While never being taught the intricate details of weilding the Drow Long Knife, he began imitating their combat style with the weapons of his own land. Throwing daggers from the shadows and mimiking their overhead thrusts with a custom rapier he saved for with his cut from working for the Captain. The rapier was crafted with a wavy blade to replicate the serpentine bladed longsword of Graz'zt.

Telemain fought by his new crewmates with gusto and helped reclaim many relics and sacred objects, and earned the respect and acceptance of his adopted brethren. Despite the tales of adventurers lost at sea returning from the largly unexplored Xen'drik, word of the lost d'Orien child falling in with the Drow never made it to the shores outside of Xen'drik due to them being loathe to leave survivors who dared to steal from the ruins of their ancestors.

As he earned the trust of the Drow, he was given a new name. This name was "Krasskova", translated loosely from the Drow language means "accepted of the blood", signifying his earned place among their ranks. He was given the markings of their clan and crew via the scorpian venom solution they used to scar their own skin. Though as it turned the black flesh of the Drow white, it burned a permanent black scar into his own. On his forearm they branded in venom the sign of their clan, a scorpian's claw rising from the waves, and in the center of his chest they placed the six fingered hand of Graz'zt. By this time, he had grown into a man, 25 years of age, and a skilled warrior.

Unfortunately though the day finally came where the Drow crew and their adopted Human comrade had met their match. Upon making port in an isolated cove on the western side of the continent of Xen'drik, hoping to scavenge some medicinal herbs from their surroundings after a particularly nasty battle with a group of raiders from Khorvaire, they were ambushed by a clan of Sulatar - a fierce but few in number clan of Drow that stayed loyal to the ways of their ancestors under the enslavement of Giants. The Sulatar were worshipers of what they called "The Sacred Fire", a force that enabled them to master the ways of fire magic, and the Sulatar remain bitter enemies of the Drow clans that cast off their chains of servitude and took up the mantle of Vulkoor all those millennia ago. The battle did not last long given the already weary state of the crew, most of which were killed. A few though managed to escape and hide in the wilds of Xen'drik, one of which included Telemain, one of which did not, being the captain.

After weeks of traversing through the deadly wilderness of the dark continent, they reached a Drow village where they were granted safety. Though despite his vemon brands and the word of his crewmates, the village was wary of a human in their midst, but still afforded him the same comforts granted to his comrades. Sensing the hostility, and with nowhere left to turn, Telemain had decided that enough time had passed that it was time he return to the land of his birth. Before he departed, what was left of his crew swore to him that he would always be a friend and brother of the clan and they would always be there to assist him should he return so long as he upheld the same oath.

With that, he boarded a ship returning to the continent of Khorvaire. Telemain soon returned to his formor life of swindling sailors in backalley taverns and ambushing travelers in darkened alleyways, yet always yearning for the excitement of years past, sailing the open seas, plundering from wayward adventurers, and learning ancient secret rites. But for now he bides his time, waiting for an oppurtunity to reclaim former glory, and amassing riches and skill.
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