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BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
06-22-2019, 12:02 AM
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RE: BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
Some more delightful excerpts from
(07:47:42 AM) Daed: Do you all hate me yet?
(07:48:01 AM) Mysti_Bleue: not yet, give us time Daed

(07:50:58 AM) Mysti_Bleue: anime is stupid as hell
(07:51:00 AM) Mysti_Bleue: for kids
(07:51:46 AM) Daed: I could show you anime that you wouldn't think was stupid
(07:51:55 AM) Daed: There's a genre for everyone
(07:51:57 AM) Mysti_Bleue: no you couldnt
(07:52:03 AM) Daed: It's not all pokemon and Naruto
(07:52:07 AM) Mysti_Bleue: I've seen the sex anime
(07:52:10 AM) Mysti_Bleue: its STUPID

I accidentally clicked on it in my chat list this morning. I don't know why I choose to endure this sort of torture.
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