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BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
06-21-2019, 06:00 PM
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RE: BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
Well is basically no lewds allowed, but good luck with not stepping on landmines there. They're down for just plain old chatting in

If you log in to a server, you can type /list to see a full list of all the available channels. Anthrochat has #freedom if you want to talk to furries about any topic but is does require a registered nick. Most of the channels in Anthrochat and Furnet are furry related as one would expect, so I haven't explored very much there. I have Pidgin which shows how many users are in each channel on the list and can sort from most populated to least. I find it fun to just browse the list and pick ones that look interesting and see what kinds of characters I meet.

Here's a really useful website I use for finding channels:

I went to just now to look around.
(01:56:09 AM) IBM_DaedPad: I have a furry friend who's just looking for a place to chat without any roleplay or e-sex
(02:01:55 AM) Teh_Away: that would have been here... about 10yrs ago when IRC was still widely used

Ironically that's one of the busier channels.
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