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BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
06-20-2019, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 06-21-2019 06:09 PM by Marechal des logis Daedalus.)
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BBW & Fetish IRC Channels
Every now and then I get curious to see what's out there in the vast seas of Internet Relay Chat aside from #chubbychannel(my comfy home), so I do some research and exploration. I'm making a list of all the BBW and related fetish channels and a bit of information about them.
It's kind of sad how this used to be a somewhat popular place where actual women of various sizes used to come to chat, but Discord has basically killed it. About 99% of the time now, it's literally just namad7 and I. There's not even a channel topic now. The good news is that the person who used to be in charge, Jess the militant feminist, is now long gone and will never return. Every now and then people still come along. You're welcome to join.

This channel dates back to the 1990s during the heyday of IRC, but it's very much alive and healthy, filled with people who are talking just about every hour of the day. The problem is:
"The topic for #bbw is: Welcome to #BBW! Share your toys and Play Nice !! No Sex Channels. ***Long time idlers will be kicked.***
(10:01:25 AM) Topic for #bbw set by Mysti_Bleue"

When they say no sex channels, it means nothing even remotely erotic is allowed. No sharing of BBW content at all including art. You're not even allowed to flirt(unless you're a woman). Very gynocentric moderation. It's a really misleading channel name, though I guess one could get away with more in PMs. It's almost like an upside-down clown world version of #chubbychannel that really makes me appreciate it. There's another problem too that can be summed up in one conversation:
(10:26:26 AM) Daed: I used to talk to fat girls and I miss it
(10:26:28 AM) Mysti_Bleue: uhm ok
(10:26:34 AM) Mysti_Bleue: fat girls ?
(10:26:49 AM) Mysti_Bleue: apparently he doesnt like them at all
(10:27:00 AM) ***Mysti_Bleue is fat but doesnt want to be called fat
(10:27:02 AM) CrzyMiky: fat girls has a rather negative connotation.
(10:27:06 AM) JruGordon: Ain't no "fat girls" here asshole
(10:27:43 AM) Daed: I don't mean it as an insult
(10:28:41 AM) JruGordon: It doesn't matter if you meant it as an insult. That's like calling someone black the N word. It's unacceptable

This was probably made to keep all that pesky lewdness out of the aforementioned channel, but no one's ever there. ¯\(°_o)/¯
This was a channel comprised of two very quiet Finnish guys who would talk maybe once a month. I invited them both to #chubbychannel. Now they idle there. Nice people though.

"The topic for #fatchat is: #fatchat for fat and obese people their admirers and encouragers, feeders welcome"
This is a somewhat active channel. It's mostly for homosexual men. I never saw any women there, though I'm sure they'd be welcome.
The topic for #inflation is: Inflation [18+]! Growing by huffs, puffs, hoses, pumps, or whatever to fill you up! Air/Gas inflation, liquid inflation, weight gain/fattening, muscle expansion, etc! Be kind, plz caption URLs and take sexual play to PM | Join the blimpy Mastodon:
This is essentially the same thing as #fatchat, but for furries. They're also more oriented towards roleplay. Very friendly people.
The topic for #fattening is: Welcome to #fattening! Come eat your fill and then some! (Adults Only - 18+) | Be Polite! Ask before eating someone! (Keep non-vanilla RP to PMs please) | Draccy has a Furry RPG Minecraft server! PM for details. | This chat isn't dead - it just gets very lazy and naps a lot.
This is very similar to #inflation mentioned above and even has some of the same people in it.

Users: 10
The topic for #expansion is: - -- #expansion: growing bigger, fuller, larger
Topic for #expansion set by Namlesh at 08:59:01 PM on 01/11/2018

There's more I might add in the future.
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