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So I'm seriously considering doing some web modelling, but im not so sure what website I should use? I checked out BigCuties out of curiosity and I think that could potentially be good. Not really sure about any other ones. Anyone have suggestions as to where/what sites I should check out? I've been thinking about doing this for a long tim, and I think it would be incredibly fun.
First off I think that sounds amazing and I definitely think you can do it, so best of luck when you start out Big Grin
Second, I'd say Big Cuties; I've met a lot of the models the few times I went to Bashes in my state and they are some of the most chill gals around and from what I've heard they really do have a good management system and they treat their models right too.
Stay away from Stuffer31. They have a bad reputation for Fucking with their models and dragging them through red tape and not paying. Unfortunately I don't know much about how the rest work out.

Also I think it is only fair we get free preview shots to help you determine what ones should go on your site. Just helping you with good business is all Tongue
Thanks for the input, guys.

And Ulf, I'll remember that Tongue
You're welcome, I think you'll do a great job as a model when you make it Big Grin
I have a friend who works for bbwfoxes, I can ask them about some info if you want.
Yeah that would be great!
I support this desision entirely. Just make sure to keep all the details of your personal life well-guarded. I always hear so much gossip about the scandalous lives of BBW models, which does not exactly do wonders for their careers.

I am not sure why that is. Perhaps they put themselves out there on the wired too much, and have an extensive network of prattling acquaintances who leak personal information over social media and whatnot.
Since you guys were so helpful, a little gift. Let's call it a preview of things to come :3
Safe-ish, some bewbs:
Not safe-ish:
If I paid for porn I would put cash on that. Lovely work Skip. ^.^

You have the looks, you can do your make up great and the pin up style suits you and is really popular lately. You got potential :3
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