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Indeed, I love your hair color by the way, it looks great on you; and I fully agree that you've got a great start here with your style Big Grin
Thanks Wolfy :3

And thanks you as well, Nexis.

The hair is actually not as bright as I would like. It's usually crayon red on top, and fades to dark. Just been too lazy to re color it.
Should I post more pics here?
I love the upside-down avatar. I get it lawl.
It's right side up for me lawl
I feel there is a joke I am missing.
Her iPad has a habit of flipping resized images and thumbnails upside-down. I just told her today, so I thought the new avatar was a joke lawl.
Oooh. Okay. That makes sense now. Also Skip yes you should always post more if it ever comes into question again. lol
The last one, hhnnnnggg.
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