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Recently I stumbled upon the "Anime Nostalgia" podcast and it sort of reignited my interest in the anime genre, so I though I might make this thread for a general discussion of sorts

Currently I've been watching
  • Lensman: Secret of The Lens
  • King Of Braves: GaoGaiGar
  • Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei
  • Legend Of The Galactic Heroes
  • Exper Zenon

Digital Devil Story was kind of bust though, not nearly as exciting as the synopsis entailed and Jesus fuck, Gaogaigar is AMAZING
Finished watching Sekirei a few days ago.

I need to sit down with Super Sonico and watch it. Supposidly Super Pochaco (The muffin top) is visible quite regularly throughout season 1, but she won't be introduced as a character until Season 2.

Also I rather liked Freezing, even if that was a bit higher rated than my usual. Something about Satellizer's design.
Skipper and I have been watching many series that I either wanted to see again or for which I had curiosity.

So far:
Watamote(only a few episodes)
Blue Seed(1995)
Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko(Quiet Country Cafe)(OVA 1 - 1998)(OVA 2 - 2002)
Dominion Tank Police(OVA -1988)
New Dominion Tank Police(OVA - 1993)
Outlaw Star(1998)
Bubblegum Crisis(1987)

I like them to be short or the standard(28 episodes or under), and now I am going to make a goal of watching every series or feature inspired by Blade Runner. Re-watching Cyberdolls and Armitage III might be next, that or the rest what I call the "Space Cowboy Trio" which consists of Trigun, Outlaw Star, and Cowboy Bebop. I have all of Azumanga Daioh on those newfangled digital video discs. so a re-watch of that will be in the future.
I found out Hulu has all three series of Lupin the Third, so for that alone I resubscribed. I own the first series (green jacket) on DVD, so I've been binge watching series two (red jacket).
First ep of Sailor Moon Crystal was very charming and the art direction is really lovely. A lot of the backgrounds have this really wonderful water color look to them that I'm really enjoying
Anyone have links to these? I'd like to see them.

I need to finish NGE. Started at 16...never finished them. It was a different time. Anime was hard to come by.
I watched Watamote via online streaming.

Quiet Country Cafe is available on YouTube.

As for the rest of them, I torrent-downloaded those so I could watch them without internet access. They seem to be easy to find since they have followings and have become obscure enough that hardly anyone cares about the copyrights.
Just watched the third episode of Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Its a prequel arc, set before the first Ghost in the Shell movie. Focusing on the then-military Major as she leaves the military to become an independent contractor and assembling her team for special operations.
I'm not much of an anime fan anymore. Only one I've been consistently watching is Attack on Titan. And by "consistently" I mean I forgot to watch like episodes 2-5.

It's been pretty awesome in my opinion. Until like the last two episodes which were incredibly disappointing. Ah well, maybe I should try catching up on Space Dandy.
Been mowing down Yu Yu Hakusho, god damn I forgot how good it was. And Kuwabara is litterally me, I can even do a half decent impression of him
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