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Buttman vs Jemma Round 2
05-06-2014, 06:57 AM
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Buttman vs Jemma Round 2
This is my contribution to the Buttman and Jemma storyline that Aerial has worked on in the past, starting with his CCU storyline and afterwards he moved Buttman into his own story with Jemma being the villain. That backstory being here:

Alter sat on his couch watching TV, Sombra next to him, both sighing as they flipped through the channels. Nothing interesting was on and it was a quiet night in the town of Roll Rivers, and there was no need for Buttman and Bellyboy to patrol.

“Ugh, so borrrrrred!” Alter whined, his body shook as he shuffled in his seat. “It’s worse because I can’t even take off this costume on my downtime! So I can’t go out without people swarming me.” While it’s true his jewel prevented him from going back to his normal look, he did manage to take his gloves, cape, and boots, leaving him in his black bodysuit and purple underwear. He was able to move his mask upwards, but when he last removed it his powers went with it, so it had to stay on his head.

“Stop whining, that’s not very heroic!” Sombra yelled. “While it’s boring you should always be ready for anything!” He motioned towards Alters pudgy bare feet resting on the table in front of him.

“Yeah but heroes need to relax once in a while too!” Alter leaned back and wiggled his fat toes, the fat on his feet wrinkled and folded as he moved them forward, his toes brushed against his calf fat when he moved them back.

“Evil doesn’t take a break!” Sombra stood up and walked onto the table and pushed Alters feet to the floor. “Now let’s get up and patrol or something!”

“Fineeeeee…” Alter sighed and redressed, Sombra helping him with his boots as he was too fat to reach down and get them on himself. He pulled his mask back down and waddled to the door, his 600lb body swayed from side to side. He reached the door and his butt blubbed against the doorframe and stopped him from going out, like always. “Ugh I always forget to condense a little before I leave…” He looked back at his black and purple clad rear; the bodysuit contained it like usual but his spandex undies had trouble holding it, the edges of them sinking between each round cheek as it flowed towards the floor.

“Really now? Again?” Sombra scolded and decided to try and pull him out, he moved forward and grabbed towards Alters hands, but his face was met with a hundred pounds of crotchfat before he had a full grasp on them. “Oh god…” Sombra let go shocked and moved backwards.

“Dude, I like you, but not that much…” Alter teased. “I just need a minute to condense some of this weight…” Sombra just shuddered and walked to the bathroom “I’ll be throwing up then till you’re done…”

Alter sighed and focused for a minute, his rear then started to shrink ever so slowly. He leaned forward and felt himself sliding forward more and more as each second passed. After a couple of minutes his body suddenly shifted and he slipped through the door.

“Finally, that’s done, let’s go Sombra! I mean Bellyboy!” Buttman bounced down the stairs a good 200lbs lighter, Bellyboy followed behind him as they went to the parking lot. After they exited the building they walked to the lot and stood next to an island on the side of the parking lot with a tree growing out of it. Buttman reached into the side of his glove and pulled out a remote, he pushed a button and the tree shifted down into itself and the concrete section spun around, revealing a car on the underside.

The car was a solid black muscle car, with a single purple stripe down the middle, purple trim, and purple lights flashing under the chassis. Inside the car there was a single black leather seat, with the wheel centered on the dashboard. “Ahh the fatmobile, best use of money ever.” Buttman smiled “Yeah real heroic like…” Bellyboy mumbled. Alter just shrugged and opened the door, he pushed another button and his seat moved to the outside of the car, it was almost always impossible to get in normally. He plopped down on the seat, with Sombra next to him and moved the seat back in and started the car up. “Alright, out on the town we go!” He yelled as he floored the accelerator, the car shot forward and sped down the street, its four exhaust pipes spewing flames.

As he patrolled the city, people would wave as he drove by them, Buttman smiled and waved back, pleased with his ever growing fanbase. They drove around for about an hour, but never came across anyone in distress or any dastardly villains committing crimes. “This is even more boring than trying to find something on TV!” Buttman groaned as they rounded another corner, “and I’m getting hungry!” he added with a slight whine. “Then stop somewhere and eat!” Bellyboy growled. “That’s a great idea! And speaking of great ideas, I know a way to get a lot of food!” Buttman smiled and took off towards one of his favorite food places.

Buttman pulled his car into a local burger joint, they made some of the best burgers in town, and moved his bulk out of the car. He waddled to the front door and barged in dramatically “NOBODY MOVE! HERO BUSINESS!” he shouted, Bellyboy standing back with a curious look on his face. Everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and stared at him.

“Fellow citizens! I, your hero Buttman, have come into knowledge of a DASTERDLY PLOT aimed at your fair town! I must ask you all to STOP eating and head to the nearest hospital! You as well, fair employees. For I have found that a VILLAINOUS CRIMINAL has poisoned the burger and bun supply!” Several screams arose from the crowd as he continued “I just need you all to go to the hospital and get checked out, you may be immune to the poison but we must be sure! I will take care of the tainted supply myself!” He moved off to the side as everyone ran out the door and to their cars, several of them hitting each other as they scramble to leave.

“When did you hear that?” Bellyboy asked “Though our best bet would be to burn the food supply to make sure no-“ He was interrupted by Buttman’s laughter. “Dude I lied, I just want some burgers without having to wait for other people or pay for them; I’m a hero I should get them for free sometimes!” Buttman explained. Bellyboy sighed and rubbed his temple with his hand “That’s not cool man, I’m going back to the car.” He grunted and wobbled his little body to the vehicle and sat down.

“Heh whatever, they won’t be hurt and I get to eat with no issues. You go ahead and pout.” Buttman smiled and waddled around the restaurant, eating the remains of the food people left, he nommed loudly as he went from table to table, stuffing his face with the leftover burgers and fries and drinks and shakes and so many small desserts that were left behind. After he finished the food that was on the tables, his belly drooped forward a little more and his body had expanded slightly due to the high caloric content of the food. “Ah that was a nice meal, now I feel better.” He patted his belly and made his way to the door, when he stepped out he was suddenly greeted with a fist to the face and knocked out.

Buttman groaned and tried to look around as he awoke; he only saw in blurs of light, all he could see was red, black and white blurs. He tried to move his hands to his face to rub his eyes, but they were stuck behind him. He shook his face and his vision cleared and was greeted with a pair of red spheres and a glowing light in his face. “What the heck is going on here?!” He groaned and tried to focus more. A sinister cackle filled his ears as a recognizable voice suddenly spoke “Well my dear, I saw what you did here and figured, since you like burgers so much, I’d help you out!”

“J-Jemma?” Alter looked up and looked into the emerald colored eyes of his rival. “Bingo baby.” Jemma smiled and winked. Alter looked her over as his vision cleared; her mask was still the same curvy sideways tear drops shape as before, but now her outfit consisted of a tube top, shorts, a pair of fingerless gloves, and red sneakers. A pair of red spirals on her chest and red zigzags on her gloves broke up the solid black outfit. Her body was at least 500lbs of oozing fat, with her breasts filling up the top so much it hardly covered them; her rear was just as big and filled up the shorts, pulling them up and caused her fatty thighs to be exposed. Her belly poked out from under her breasts but it was barely visible. She smiled and leaned forward on Buttman again, her breasts bumping against his face as her jewel danged in front of his eyes, this caused him to let out a muffled surprised noise.

“You know, I could take your jewel away again if I wanted to, it’s soooo easy.” She grinned as she rubbed her fingers on the jewel floating above his mask, pushing her chest against his face more. “But I like you in this form, you look so much cuter. And I’m gonna make you even cuter.” She giggled and waddled away.

When she was out of sight, Buttman tried to wiggle his hands free, but they were tied too tightly. “Well, if I can’t break free, I guess I’ll BREAK free…” He mumbled to himself and started focusing, he focused on his rear expanding, growing wider and heavier and bigger than the two chairs that were holding him up. But nothing happened; he couldn’t stay focused for more than a few seconds on it. Then Jemma walked back in carrying a pallet of burgers in front of her.

“Trying to escape darling? It won’t work; I dosed you with a drug to keep your mind from focusing your weight or gaining any extra before I deem it necessary. Don’t worry though, you’ll soon be nice and big and you will break those chairs.” She explained with an evil smile. “Then when you’re unable to move I can go ahead and rob all the jewels in town! I might even keep you drugged and have you as a pet.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Buttman growled “Bellyboy is just outside, he’ll stop you!” Jemma grinned and cackled loudly. “Afraid not Buttman, your sidekick is indisposed.” She motioned to a security monitor over her shoulder. On the camera Buttman could make out Bellyboy on the floor, being pinned down by what looked like a taller version of him. “That there is Gemstone, she’s MY sidekick and willing to do whatever I tell her to, and as you can see she’s got your little Bellyboy preoccupied.” Buttman watched as Bellyboy tried to escape but no matter what Gemstone was always there to stop him. “Now then, back to business.” Jemma brought his attention back to her “Since you love burgers oh so much, by the way that was a pretty good prank you pulled there to get those people out. If I didn’t know better I’d say you’d make a fine underling for someone like me.” Buttman blushed and growled at the accusation. “Let’s have you get your fill of burgers and then some!” Jemma finished and grinned.

Nearly an hour had passed and Buttman groaned loudly, without the ability to condense his weight his body had ballooned as Jemma force fed him burger after burger. His stomach spilled out and over his knees, it rested on his huge mound of crotchfat, which pushed against the underside of his belly, lifting it up slightly, and blubbed over his puffed out thighs, which flowed over the sides of the chairs. Further down his legs had started taking his fatty feet into them as they grew. Above his belly rested his moobs, which drooped over the sides of his belly and pushed up against his arms, his cleavage exposed and almost as big as Jemmas as it rose in front of his face. Behind him his butt had grown over and around the chairs, drooping nearly to the floor, making them groan loudly with each breath he took, his spandex undies nothing but a string between the massive cheeks, his hands were also stuck between them as they were still tied and his butt grew around them.

“Oooh very nice, and sexy.” Jemma grinned as she looked at her work. “But I’m all out of burgers.” She said with a fake pout. “We still gotta break these chairs you know. I guess I gotta do it the less fun way now.” She waddled her body forward towards Buttman and licked her lips, then leaned against his belly with her chest pushing against his, and planted her lips on his. Buttman groaned as his started fattening up once again. His butt exploded backwards and covered the chairs completely, his belly sloshed forward and covered his legs and spread along to the floor, his feet sunk into his ever growing the legs, his moobs grew fatter and pushed hard against her breasts as his suit stretched to try and contain him. Suddenly his body jiggled as there was an audible snap. “Ooh did we break the chairs?” Jemma backed off and asked, as most of her body was now on Buttman’s belly, her hands resting on his moobs.

Buttman mumbled and groaned. “What was that? A yes?” Jemma asked as she leaned closer to his face. “I said…My hands snapped the rope!” Buttman yelled and moved his large trunk of arms on top of hers, his hands were sunk into them but he managed to pin her down against him and planted his lips back on her. “I may not be able to condense, but I can still send weight to you!” He mumbled and planted a big kiss on her, sending some of his stored up weight to her.

She let out a loud muffle but was unable to speak as her body started filling out, her breasts swelled outwards and pushed against his moobs, forcing them back against his neck and chins and their cleavage pushing up around their mouths, she struggled to try and escape but his arms were too heavy and her body was still growing. Her ass flowed backwards and covered her legs, her belly expanded out and lifted under her ever growing legs as her arms followed suit and pushed outwards, taking her hands into them as her feet fell into her legfats’ grasp. She moaned and knew she couldn’t stop it, but she wouldn’t go without a fight, so she started sending more fat to him as well.

Buttman groaned again as he started growing once more, he felt his hands sink further into his arms, which were starting to be pushed upwards due to his growing chest, his moobs flopped over his belly and down towards the floor, his belly pushing further out in front as his ass spreads out behind him, growing over his back and towards the back of his head as the chairs finally do snap. He keeps on going with flowing fat back into Jemma and they both grow and grow.

After half an hour Gemstone heard some groaning coming from the back “You stay here little man, or else I’ll wallop you!” She moved towards the back where she knows Jemma is doing her silly deed. “This girl and her-“ Suddenly the wall crashed down and she is greeted with a mound of black fat. “What the hel-“ Again, before she can finish she is hit from behind with a chair and knocked out. Bellyboy pants and growls “No one calls me little man!” He looks to the back and sees the black and red mass of fat growing towards him, the building started groaning and shaking. He runs out the door just in time to watch the roof of the building explode with black, red, and purple fat as Buttman and Jemma’s chests rise. The front of the building crashed loudly as Jemma’s red and black clad butt slide out, the backside of the building already destroyed with Buttman’s giant butt and then the rest of the building just crumbled around them.

Bellyboy stood back and was awestruck, each of them had turned into massive blobs of fat, only their chests and butts were really identifiable as everything else had sunken down or were covered by the aforementioned butts or chests, and they were still growing. “Bellyboy!” Buttman yelled, but it was barely audible with the rolls of fat on his face and cheeks, his eyes, nose, and mouth barely poking out. “Knock her out! It’s the only way to stop it!” Bellyboy nodded and jumped up on a car, then leapt from the car to a roll on Buttman’s belly, he started climbing up, the task made hard by the fact his body sunk into the soft fat that was growing on Buttman. As he climbed he felt their bodies shift and wobble as they continued to fatten each other up, he reached the edge of Buttmans top and pulled himself up. As he stood on the land of fat he looked back to see Buttmans face sinking further down into his fatty cheeks, his mask the only thing visible as his butt continued to expand and started pushing his rolls upon rolls of armfat forward as it grew over his head. Bellyboy looked back to the other body mass that was Jemma, he noticed the large canyon between her breasts and Buttmans moobs and looked at her face, she was, like Buttman, buried in her fat, and Bellyboy knew he had to get over there before she was too fat to punch and knock out.

He made his way down Buttmans moob, watching carefully not to slip and fall, but his body sank in up to his belly anyway, so he knew he’d be okay in that sense. As he reached the edge of Buttmans moob and the edge of Jemmas breast, he wiggled himself out, causing the land under him to shift and wobble and suddenly her breast flopped over and nearly landed on him. “Well that takes care of how I was gonna get over there…” he shrugged and climbed up on her breast. He made his way through her soft jiggly fat; nearly crawling as he sank in more the fatter she grew. After several minutes he reached her rolls of neckfat, which was denser than her chestfat, so he was able to walk on it with little trouble. He started running and right as he reached her chin he bounced up and high into the air, bringing down his fist and punching her right between the eyes, as his belly covered her mouth and nose. She muffled and groaned but then slowly quieted down. Then the growing stopped. Bellyboy sighed and got back up, he looked across the vast plain of Jemmas face and breasts and back over at Buttman, who looked nearly half a mile away from this point, and sighed as he made his way back to Buttmans face.

After another half an hour of climbing and sinking, he managed to get next to Buttmans face and leaned against it. “See what happens when you lie?” Buttman moved his face in what appeared to be a nodding motion but all he did is just wobble and his nose moved up and down. “I can’t focus my weight too much yet, but we need to get her to jail before she wakes up. And we gotta keep her drugged like she did to me so she doesn’t escape again. Unfortunately there’s only one thing I can do, so you gotta get her to jail when it’s over.” Bellyboy nodded and moved to the top of Buttmans head.

Buttman then sighed and started pulling Jemmas fat from her into his own body, his body once again flowing outwards with fat. After it was all said and done, he was as wide as a few city blocks; thankfully it was mostly industrial area so there were only a few places effected as his fat flowed down the streets and over buildings, his face had sunk deep into his cheeks as his chest and butt had grown over and above him, making him sink down further and pointing his armrolls inward. All the commotion brought the local police though, so Bellyboy rolled down and explained the situation to them, leaving out the fact Buttman lied to get the people to leave. He then lifted up a roll of Buttmans belly and reveled Jemma and Gemstone under it. Jemma was shrunk down to roughly 200lbs, as Buttman took a little more than he should have. Both were completely knocked out, so the police scooped them up and put them in a waiting ambulance. “Make sure you keep the sidekick in solitary confinement and the villain drugged up so much she can’t think, it’s the only way to stop them.” He told them as they loaded them up and drove away. “Buttman did a good deed, even though it doesn’t look like it now, just give him a few days and he should be out of here in no time.” The police and area owners were not too happy about the damage to the city and buildings, but they agreed it’d be better than Jemma taking over the town and fattening EVERYONE up. So they set up a perimeter around Buttman and left him to fix himself. Bellyboy climbed back up to Buttmans face, which took a few hours, and sat down on one of his house sized cheeks. “Well, our second big adventure in this town was crazy, but hopefully we can get this hero stuff down before we cause any more damage…” Bellyboy sighed. Buttman just nodded his nose again as suddenly his belly let out a loud growl of hunger. Bellyboy glared and Buttman blushed as he began to shrink back down.

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